the Possibilities of 5G Network in Indonesia

the Possibilities of 5G Network in Indonesia

Are you currently using the 4G network for your phone? or maybe you are familiar with the term of LTE which stands for Long Term Evolution instead? Then how about 5G network? What are the possibilities of 5G Network that it could give in the future?

The 4G network is already popular as the mobile network in Indonesia with its high speed of the network. Then, when the 5G network came out, what the possibilities of 5G that could beat the popularity of 4G with its high-speed network? well, it possibles if it could provide you with any other convenience in this modern era?

What is 5G?

As the fifth generation of network, 5G takes a much larger role than any previous generations. Therefore, the 5G network could upgrade the mobile network and connecting the smartphone with any other devices. It could upgrade the users’ performance and efficiency as well. The 5G network could also provide a new experience for the user which connecting them to the new level of the industry.

When is 5G coming out in Indonesia?

the possibilities that lie for 5G network in Indonesia. Photo taken from NETWORKWORLD

According to Ririek Adriansya, the chairman of the Indonesian Cellular Operator (ATSI), which stated in TheJakartaPost, “We’ll be able to implement 5G services no later than 2022.”

However, local cellular operators have run the 5G network trials since 2017 but limited for industrial use rather than for commercial users. The trial for industrial use is expected to conduct until next year. Even so, ATSI aims to hold frequency action next year to prepare the 5G network in 2022.

Ririek understands that Indonesia has different consumer characteristics from any other countries. Those differences show that Indonesia does yet reach the level of consumption like those countries. The level of consumption for the 5G network in Indonesia is more suit for business and industrial use.

Furthermore, it needs synchronization between central and regional government to facilitate 5G infrastructure. It is an important point for using the 5G network capabilities to the fullest when 5G apply in society.

The benefits that might come from 5G

We could say 5G is the arm of the Internet of Things especially, it could expand the mobile network to support any kind of devices and services. It truly could improve performance, efficiency, and cost of the users. It also could broaden the range of industries and connecting what at the beginning is hard to connect. In addition, it also could dominate the market place when there are high demands for using the 5G network due to supporting the usage of devices that need this network.

The evolution of the network generation along with the possibilities from using 5G counter on 2020. Photo taken from Northest Now

Who knows when the time goes on the function of 5G would support the technology within the society an create a future that we usually saw on science fiction movies.


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