What Is a Web Resource?

Talking about web resources, we must think about the development of the internet itself. This is because more and more people are familiar with websites. Websites are what you visit every day on the internet. These websites are like an electronic book that consists of many books that you can open and read. Not limited to certain books, there you can also find stories, various entertainment content and so on.

If we assume the existence of a city, in that city there are many houses. Same goes with websites. Websites are like a collection of houses in a city. While the city itself is what we have known as the internet.

There are certainly many types of houses that we can find in a city. Starting from a classic model house, ordinary models, custom home models, to modern models. Just like the contents of the internet, many websites are scattered around. We just need to find out which of the many websites we want to visit.

From Google, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Kompas, etc. When you open these services on a desktop or mobile device, they are known as websites.

Even though you have interacted with the website every day, maybe many of you do not know what that website means. Through this article, we will discuss about the understanding of the website along with its history, types, and benefits.

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The website


In web resource website is a collection of pages on a domain on the internet that are created with a specific purpose and are interconnected and can be accessed widely through the front page (home page) using a browser using the website URL.

The website was first created by Tim Berners-Lee in the late 1980s and was only officially online in 1991.

The initial goal of the Berners-Lee Team to create a website was to make it easier for researchers to exchange or make changes to information.

A website can be owned by individuals, organizations or companies. In general, a website will display information or one particular topic. Although currently there are many websites that display various information on different topics.

The website can be accessed by any device or gadget. With the condition that the gadget meets the technological standards needed to run a website script, script is a part of web resource too. Because not all websites use the same technology. There are websites that only contain simple information that is very light to be opened and accessed. Conversely there are also many websites that contain interesting images and animations but are very heavy to open and take a long time to load page after page.

Website Elements

There are 3 elements that are very vital on the website and also still a part of web resource itself. Without all these elements, your website will never be found and accessed by users on the internet. The three elements in question are:

1. Domain


If the website is likened to a product, then the domain is the brand. The use of an attractive domain will make people interested in entering a website. The selection of a unique domain name also makes it easy for people to remember it for later re-visit. Many parties are willing to disburse a hefty amount of funds to buy a unique domain. Unique domain provides easy access to users. This web resource also very critical for admin.

Imagine if the contents of your website are very good but it is very difficult to write your website address. Then people will go away. Domain are part of critical web resource.

People will be lazy also to stop by your website unless you provide them with the material they would want to read.

The ease of remembering also provides an important point for users. By giving a unique and easy domain name makes it easy for people who access it to pronounce and type it on their keyboard.

The existence of a slight error in spelling or an error in writing just one letter in the domain can make the website that we are aiming for is not really the website that we are aiming for. We make an example with the name www.car.com will certainly have a different address if we type www.car.co right?

2. Hosting

No less important than domains, hosting has the role to store all the databases (scripts, images, videos, text, etc.) needed to form a website. Lots of hosting service providers with various facilities that you can choose. Hosting is the most important of the web resource facility.

Hosting services certainly favor drive capacity that can store a lot of data for your website. If your website is an entertainment type and requires lots of images and videos, you can be sure your website will need a very large storage, right?

Not only the amount of storage, but also the speed of data access also depends on what hosting we use. Because hosting here is also supported by hardware from the hosting provider. Surely it will be very different capabilities between devices that are branded and have high credibility with ordinary devices whose prices are also not too expensive.

3. Content


Without content on the website, the website can be said to have no clear purpose. Content is a part of web resource. On the website can be in the form of text, images or videos. When viewed from the content that is served, there are several kinds of websites. For example, social media, news websites, buying and selling websites or websites that contain content based on interests, talents and hobbies.

This content reflects who our visitors are and what the focus of the web content that we will be presenting. Content acts like a jarring to catch fish. With the content, visitors will search and see if the website is in accordance with what they are looking for. Untreated content makes visitors confused and dislike the content of the website. Therefore building content is one of the key points that must be considered in making a website so that it becomes a good website. One of the things that make web resource alive is content!

Types of Websites

Website is a great place for displaying information. Initially, the information displayed on the website was only written.

Nowadays you can find various types of websites easily, not only displaying information in the form of writing.

1. Personal Website

Personal Website

Currently available are various services that you can use to create a personal website. Ranging from free to paid services.

For free, you must be willing to have a website address like www.nameofservice.com/your username or www.websitename.blogspot.com.

Website address like the example above is not recommended for those of you who want to have full content, such as the presence of videos and lots of images.

Usually, free website service providers will provide limited resources.

About Adresses

In addition, the address of your website will be difficult to compete in search engines. Therefore we advise you to create a website through domain and hosting provider services.

So you can make a more professional website at www.yourname.com.

Paid websites give you many facilities that allow your website to look good and is easily accessed by existing users. Various supporting facilities you can also get easily to enhance your website.

With paid websites we can modify the appearance of our website easily and well in just a short time. Unlike ordinary websites that need hours to do editing on existing content.

Professional VS non Professional Websites

Not only that, professional website also makes it easy for you to develop your website again with various integration facilities with applications or other devices.

2.Online Store Website

Did you know the most popular Indonesian online store right now?

Of course you already know the answer.

Do you want to create an online store with functions that are not much different from the online stores that exist today?

If so, by using an appropriate tool you can make it in hours or even minutes, and your online store website can be accessed via the internet.

There are many types of online stores that you can make according to your wishes. Starting from the online shop with a tracking facility that is very easy for users to find out to what extent the goods they ordered.

Another facility is an automatic price comparison system with other similar items. This online shop has more complicated logic but this can be very helpful for its users. They can find out what prices are on the market without having to open another tab to make a comparison.

3. Blog


Blogs usually contain articles that aim to share the knowledge, ideas or experiences of the author. Blogs can contain notes from daily activities, personal notes, tutorials and so on.

The purpose of this blog is to share knowledge related to web hosting, internet marketing and other things.

For articles published each blog is different, starting from one day one article or even one article in one week. This depends on the quality of the article made and the number of authors.

There are blogs that aim to share and some are deliberately created with business purposes. Blogs created for business purposes are usually the type of blogs that expose information to users, and these blogs usually have advertisements on their pages as a means to make money.

Professional and unprofessional blogs can be seen from the advertisements displayed. There are blogs that display advertisements with so many compositions that people find it difficult to see what exactly the contents of the blog are because almost 50% only contain ads that are less useful. A good blog will adjust the composition of advertisements with the composition of the web material itself.

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Benefits of a Website

Benefit of a website

Website has many benefits in our lives. You can access social media using the website. Online shopping also takes place on the website. When you need important information, you can also access it through the website.

Benefits of the website not only that, there are still many benefits that you can get from the website. Here are some website benefits that are important for you to know:

1. Building Personal Branding

Starting from the benefits of websites for personal, namely websites for personal branding. With a website you can build strong and trusted personal branding.

You can share your work and portfolio on the website. Whether it’s writing, photos, paintings, drawings, graphic designs, to music. You can build professional personal branding using a website.

Personal branding is indeed not easy to do. You must introduce yourself through the web that you have. Compiling good and interesting content becomes an important point here. If the content we create attracts other people to visit our website, then we can be sure that our branding is successful and only think of the next way to make our brand more known.

2. Sharing Stories and Information

Have you ever read the story from Oprah? Or Maybe you’ve read the traveler’s travel story. They both are examples of successful bloggers with stories through websites.

You can also follow their lead by starting to create a blog. By creating a blog you can share any story or information. From traveling, parenting, technology, finance, to culinary.

Sometimes many people visit a website or blog just because they want to read the experiences of others written on the web. With this experience the reader will be able to build the next steps for what they will plan next.

3. Make money

There are many ways to make money using a website. You can become a blogger and get a lot of endorsements or offers of cooperation. In addition, you can also register a website to Google AdSense to get money from Google ads.

You can also join an affiliate marketing program to make money from a website. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to promote products or services from other companies on your website. Then you can get a commission if you buy through your website.

Another way to make money through websites is to create an online store. You can sell various products or services on your online store website.

How To Make Some Money?

Nowadays a lot of websites are made as money-making machines. This is because there are two goals for website makers, namely developing their website while getting an injection of funds from their readers. This is like diving while drinking water. While creating content, you can also get revenue from there, interesting isn’t it?

The income you can earn from professional bloggers can be the same as you work professionally in other legal jobs. Indeed there is nothing better than a paid hobby. Nowadays it is very popular to work according to a hobby or passion, because it can deepen it with more fun.

Now Making a Website Easier!

Creating a website is not as difficult as you think. You don’t need to be a developer or programmer to be able to create a website. Now you can create a website without needing any coding knowledge?

How to?

The trick is to use WordPress. WordPress is a website creation platform that allows you to create a website in just minutes.

With WordPress you can create high-quality websites without having to deal with coding. Simply install WordPress, buy web hosting, choose your favorite theme, install important plugins, and the website is ready.

Apart from wordpres, a personal blog can be a good website if the content is well managed. Registered on a domain that is okay and also pay attention to SEO. Good SEO on a website allows the web to be found easily by others. With good SEO your website’s position can be easily found when people search on search engines like google.

Nowadays SEO is also one of the targets of web masters. They are looking for SEO writers who understand SEO so that their website can be easily found in search engines. Source: SEO ExpertsJasa SEO Profesional in Jakarta, Indonesia