The impact of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

Nowadays, IoT or the Internet of Things becomes part of this modern technology era that couldn’t be apart from people. This is the result of the convenience that IoT gives to us. Keeping that in mind, IoT also could facilitate people in the Healthcare Industry.

Technology becomes more advanced as the time goes by, and IoT is following those changes IoT as well. Then just like people know, IoT indeed facilitates people in their daily life. Regarding its benefits, IoT expands its usefulness in many fields. You can tell any field that has already applied this concept of Internet of Things. Let’s say like in the business industry, the education industry, and furthermore healthcare industry.

IoT in Healthcare

IoT connecting anything in Healthcare Industry to facilitate patients and people who work in this industry. Photo taken from UBUNTUPIT

The cost in the healthcare sector, as well as its complexity, is rapidly increased these past decades, however, the developments of IoT in healthcare industry lie a lot of potentials. It centers in the potential of the concept for IoT-driven telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM). Both concepts could provide patients with the same quality in the home as in the hospital. With lower cost and the facility to control patient remotely, it certainly gives impacts to the healthcare industry.

Realize the IoT potential, most of the company specialised in healthcare and technology give such a big investment in IoT. Nowadays, there are a lot of devices that could connect into each other which is the basis of IoT, it applies to healthcare devices as well.

Takes examples from the ideas of IoT in the healthcare industry like X-Ray machines connecting with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to control and monitoring patient, or for small healthcare technology devices like Hearing Aid connecting with Internet and smartwatches for mental health. IoT also could help health practitioners to easily manage their works with such as Hospital Operations Management or Remote Patient Monitoring which provides time efficiency for health practitioners to monitor their patient with having a less face-to-face consultation.


Risks that IoT could bring in the Healthcare Industry. Photo taken from TheIoTMagazine

However, we have to consider the challenges in IoT when it comes to the healthcare industry. The most challenge for using IoT is its security, the basic problem that comes from IoT. Experts are ongoing to strengthen the security of IoT in order to securely collect, manage and store the data in this sector. This is the purpose of IoT to secure the data from hacking and leaking such confidential information.

Because, when the security is not good enough, all the private data of the patient could be lost and in the worse case could be used for the irresponsible purpose. In addition, the unsupport system within IoT could also lead to the failure of the device during the proses of patient treatment, which could bring harm to the patient.

Thus, all above are the possibilities that IoT could give in the Healthcare industry with the impact within. The ideas would be near in the future following the quick transformation of technology nowadays. So, are you excited with IoT in the healthcare industry?