Psycho-Pass: Dystopian future of IoT

This about the story, the creation of people imagination which takes place in dystopian future when people completely relying upon IoT. Somehow, we couldn’t take aside people imagination that has come in the movies. At some point, those imaginations become true, especially if it is about technology and the internet.

We know those examples from movies that familiar for us, such as technology in Iron Man movie for his suit and Jervis. You could buy the Jet Pack “Iron Man” in London, and Jervis is also part of Smart Home. Some technologies nowadays also inspired by Doraemon from Japan animation!

Then what about Psycho-Pass? Psycho-Pass is an animation TV-series that tells about the future which full of technology equipped with the Internet. However, it shows how society is worn out because of technology along with IoT. That’s why, we also couldn’t take aside the possibilities of the Dystopian future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Those imaginations alone are enough to warn us how frightening IoT can be.

Psycho-Pass: Dystopian future of IoT
Psycho-Pass depicts the possibility of IoT dystopian future.

Psycho-Pass review

The story takes place far in future Japan when technology becomes so advanced and has integrated into daily life. That advanced technology, therefore, could give what many people dream for, a utopia society. Actually, thanks to technology, Japan becomes the only place on the planet that provides peace to its people. Yeah, at the moment, when most of the place on the planet fall into chaos, Japan could control its society to maintain its welfare.

The result of the technology is the Sibyl System. The system has the ability to dictate the lives of Japan’s citizen. The system at first is to monitor a person mental-health through modern and advanced devices connecting with the internet. Yet, the accuracy of the system is able to predict more than it used to, which is the future course of a person’s life.

On the surface, the Sibyl System is nothing but a benefit to society. It is a perfect system that could lead people into utopia society. Although, the dark secret behind this system is beyond the imagination of society. Behind the Sibyl System, there are a lot of people who leave and take control of the system. They leave as a brain alone without a body. As a group of people who evaluates other people, several errors could occur. As a system, they dispose of those errors and make it right as they believe. Consequently, they limit the best capabilities of a person and label it as a criminal. As the criminal regarding the system, it means death or isolation.

Everything in that society, people or objects, adjusted by the device which connects to the system. Wherever it is, there is the only system that will judge them and it is the Sibyl System.

Psycho-Pass Technology

We might not know but the technology in Psycho-Pass related to the found technology recently. Below is the technology in Psycho-Pass that you familiar with:

Psycho-Pass Technology
Smartwatch connecting with the internet for video call, voice call, receiving email and a lot of information. Photo taken from Draggle’s Anime Blog
Psycho-Pass Technology
Smarthome equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Photo taken from suntzuanime
A program that could monitor a person mental health
A program that could monitor a person mental health. Photo taken