Stick ‘Em Slot Review: Themes, Paylines, Bonuses & Features


Stick ‘Em Slot Review. A skilled bunch of developers from Stockholm and Malta have come together to form the relatively young firm Hacksaw Gaming. The water in the Swedish capital seems to work wonders for creating innovative games, although we are unsure exactly what is in it.

If you’ve heard of Hacksaw Gaming before, it was presumable to their selection of online scratch cards, of which there are currently about 30 different kinds.

They now introduce us to slots with the peculiar game Stick ‘Em Slot. Not only do we receive a brand-new game, but we also meet Canny the Can, a helpful can who leads us through the amusing Stick ‘Em universe.

He may not accomplish anything, but he is entertaining to be around, much like the paperclip-like Clippy that used to appear on Windows operating systems.

Stick ‘Em graphics are initially not very impressive when you load it up. But let’s give the game a chance because you should never judge a slot just by its appearance.

Paylines have been omitted in favor of a grid with 5 reels and 4 rows by Hacksaw Gaming. Instead, to link up wins, players only need to hit 3-of-a-kind combos anywhere on the reels (left to right).

The setup is rather straightforward, but in this case, straightforward is good, and Stick ‘Em is excellent for some casual yet enjoyable gaming.

Since say, the supplementary features, which we shall discuss in a moment, will be where the big money will come from. The paytable can be quickly scanned to see that the symbols are not particularly valued on their own.

The fact that they are entirely original—there are no card suites or symbols here—is what we liked most about them.

The fact that five money bags are worth only a meager stake at the top of the paytable is not so wonderful. This may be sufficient to turn off some players, but before writing the game off entirely, give it a try in free play. A slot machine made by Hacksaw Gaming is significantly more than the sum of its parts.

Examples of this include the wonderfully contagious music and sound effects that make spinning the reels a real joy. Of course, no player is going to spend their hard-earned money on a soundtrack by itself, no matter how upbeat it may be.

Fortunately, the end effect is fairly enjoyable when you mix the cute appearance with the gameplay package. The thoughtfully added features, and you have a very good slot machine.

Stick ‘Em Slot: Features

Several other aspects that have been given a unique twist continue the wacky motif. The “thumbs up” icon comes first; it’s always a good sign. When you hit three of these cheery icons, they stay on the grid and the reels will respin. As long as at least one “thumbs up” lands on a respin, this process keeps going. 

Players can continue to make winning combinations while it is doing this, increasing the overall win. If you cover the reels in thumbs, you will receive a delicious payout of 2,048 times your original wager. The Sticky Win Spin feature is what is used for this.

Free Spins, which are always at the top of any player’s desire list, are triggered by the “free spins” symbols. Players are treated to a clever animation on the fifth reel when two appear, which heightens the suspense. In exchange for their trouble, players receive a certain number of free spins based on how many free spins symbols appear:

  • 5 free spins are awarded for 3 scatters.
  • 10 free spins are yours with 4 scatters.
  • 15 free spins are awarded for 5 scatters.

During the free spins, which continue automatically until they are all used up, no bonus game symbols appear.

Hacksaw Gaming added Bonus Game icons as a last cherry on top for completeness. To activate the bonus wheel and win up to 1,000 times your bet, you must land three of these elusive emblems. As you can see, while specific symbol combinations may be on the low side, the rich extras menu significantly boosts them.

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Stick ‘Em Slot: Verdict

Although Hacksaw Gaming’s debut slot won’t completely change the gaming industry, it still has a lot to offer gamblers seeking something fresh. A variety of gamers will find Stick ‘Em to be appealing.

For instance, Stick ‘Em Slot is a wonderful method to ease yourself into playing slots if all you know about Hacksaw is through their scratch cards. It’s airy and light, but it also boasts a top reward that could make spinning its cartoony reels worthwhile.

Stick ‘Em is not the game for you if you prefer high-adrenaline slots with cutting-edge 3D visuals. However, personality ultimately triumphs over appearances, and Stick ‘Em Slot is guilty of this. You shouldn’t be shocked if Canny the Can reappears in the future.

The cute little boy doesn’t do much; he normally simply sits in the corner, but he has a chance to stand out in upcoming films. It is commendable that Hacksaw created a slot that gets the fundamentals right, which is essential.

And on top of a solid core, they are several exciting add-ons that give the game a pleasant kick. Read more here for ways to break popular online slot games.

The debut album Stick ‘Em Slot is respectable but not particularly innovative. It accomplishes more than enough to establish Hacksaw Gaming as a business worth keeping an eye on. They currently simply have to worry about managing the strain of replacing an original slot with something even better. We are optimistic.

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If you enjoy the gameplay of Stick ‘Em Slot, don’t miss out on its sequel, Stack ‘Em, which has a similar name and delivers wins of up to 10,000 times your initial investment. For more, please visit my other blog at ragambisnis.at.ua. See you there!

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