Jet Pack -Iron Man- actually Flies in Real Life

Jet Pack “Iron Man” actually Flies in Real Life

Have you watched Iron Man? The technology in Iron Man’s movie series is indeed interesting. Who would think that that the imagination of that technology would exist in real life? Welcome Jet Pack “Iron Man” in Real Life!

Iron Man is a superhero made by Tony Stark and he himself is portrayed as a wealthy and intelligent man in the movie. His imagination, wealth, and intelligence create his superhero suits complete with its jet pack. Who would think that that imagination technology would complete near in the future? However, both Adam Savage and Richard Browning is able to make this technology become true. They become the true Iron Man in real-life.

What you need to know about the creators of Jet Pack “Iron Man”

Welcome Jet Pack “Iron Man” in Real Life! Photo taken from Brilio.Net

At first in 2017, Richard Browning introduced this Jet Pack to the public and he showed how his Jet Pack flies over the beach. Richard is a British inventor, entrepreneur and speaker who also the founder Gravity Industries Ltd, the company behind the creation of this Jet Pack called Daedalus. He spent three years to make this Jet Pack because he obsessed with the big Hollywood-style project like Iron Man’s Movie series.

Then he met Adam Savage, together with his team that used 3D panting technique create jet pack suit resembling Iron Man Suit. Adam Savage is an American special effect designer and fabricator. A man who is well known in the television industry as the actor, television personality, and producer. He also is a former co-host of the Discovery Channel television series MythBusters and Unchained Reaction.

The two great people have met, Richard Browning and Adam Savage, and together they bring back to life the Jet Pack “Iron Man” from the movies.

Jet Pack “Iron Man”

At first, Richard used the energy of fan and electricity before he developed the jet machine that placed at the back of the body to make the user flies. Recently, collaborating with Adam Savage they develop the Jet Pack Iron Man.

The components of the Jet Pack made from titanium materials. In addition, they told it would have the endurance from the bullet. This jet suit also uses two mini jet engines on each arm alongside a large jet attached at its user back. They created a jet with flight technology that has enough horsepower for flying above the ground. Just like Iron Man, you can control the movement by moving your hands as well.

Recently, this Jet Pack as well created a new world speed record in Guinness World Records for flying in a jet suit at 85.06mph. It beat its previous record for flying at 32.02mph in 2017.

Find out How they create Jet Pack Iron Man in real life. Photo take from YouTube

Good news! Now, you can buy thas Jet Pack “Iron Man” suit for real. You can buy it at Selfridges in London which cost you $445,000. Do you interested to be the real Iron Man?