How To Save Big With a VPN When Shopping Online during Christmas?

There are only less than 2 weeks before Christmas, have you prepared gifts for your family yet? For a lot of online shoppers, they may have already cleared the shopping cart on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, when it is a big time for online shopping, it is also a big time for hackers to steal your personal information like your card number and password when you are transferring money online.

For people who have missed this two, there are still a lot of deals during Christmas. In order to ensure the safety of your online activities, shopping with a VPN can be not only protect your privacy and information but also potentially help you save big money at the end of the month.

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Why It Is Risky Without Internet Protection?

Nowadays, it is very common to shopping online with our mobile phone. Public Wi-Fi is everywhere, when phones are automatically connected to those insecure ones without any protection, it is easy for hackers who have control of the network to monitor what you are doing, in this way they can easily see your information when you use your card number or type in the password. And the next second you find out that all your money in the account has gone, which is terrifying and frustrating.

Surfing the internet without protection raises the risk of your privacy. Especially when you are purchasing goods online, fake sites with malware can steal your information, what’s worse, they destroy your devices in seconds.

Empowering safe network connection with a VPN can be not only protect your privacy and information but also potentially help you save big money at the end of the month.

A Vpn Secure Your Network Connection

VPNs are a foundational technology for a safer Internet. A VPN hides IP address and encrypts your online traffic, it enhances users’ privacy. So that hackers or third-parties will not be able to track users’ real IP and find out personal details. It also avoids eavesdropping, hacking and detection to your devices.

VPN Help You Save Big On Christmas Sales

No matter what, avoid money being stolen is already the first step to keep your money safe in your pocket. But, how can a VPN help you save big to a further level?

Get access to the world’s Best Sales!

Have you ever found that shopping websites that located differently offer various deals for customers?

How do they know it is you? Well, retailers or websites know who you “are” just by tracking your IP address, cookies, GPS info, or they get data about you from third-parties.

When you are purchasing things online, booking hotels, flights, buying online gaming or subscriptions, it matters to be “at the right place”. For instance, there is big sales on Netflix during Christmas, but if you are not in the US, you are probably not be able to get the discount. By using a VPN, it hides your real IP address when you switch to the server it offers that located in the US, it masks your IP with an American IP so that you can watch content that only American people can get access to. And also, you get the deals only they can get.

A smart trick is to locate your connection in a lower income country, it is easier to get a cheaper price when you book flights or hotels. In short, a VPN allows you access to deals anywhere no matter where you physically are.  

Hiding your IP address is particularly good news for those traveling for the holidays outside the country. If you are an American family staying abroad in a censored country, you can access blocked sites and U.S. holiday sales deals like you’re still in the U.S. so you can still save even if you’re not in the country.

4 Steps To Set Up a VPN


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RitaVPN offers different plans after you signing up. Also, it offers free trial, and allows you to connect 4 devices simultaneously


Select a location in which you want to access to your preferred content. 


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