10 Best PC Football Games

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One of the favorite PC games is soccer. The reason is, soccer games can be played in various genres and ages. Starts from children to adults. If you are interested in playing, you should first find out about the best PC football games.

The soccer game not only presents an exciting game but also visuals that can spoil the eye. Moreover, this soccer game on PC, now there are many tournaments. Where, offering tantalizing gifts.

The following are recommendations for the 10 best PC soccer games that can be played:

10 Best PC Football Games

1. PES 2020

For game maniacs, PES 2020 is certainly no stranger to hearing. PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccer, which is one of the best PC soccer games released by Konami. This game is specially designed very much like real football.

There are soccer clubs, countries, and also soccer players that exist in the real world. Even the soccer players are very complete, from ordinary players to idol players like Lionel Messi, there are also in this PES 2020 game. Players of this PC soccer game can only play clubs and from any country.

In fact, players can play it offline in multiplayer mode so that this game becomes more exciting when played. There is also a tournament mode like the one in the Champions League so that players can only play one club and compete until they become champions.

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2. FIFA 2020

This one game is almost similar to PES 2020, but the difference is only in the license. FIFA 2020 licenses are valued more than PES 2020. That way, FIFA 2020 can bring in more football clubs than PES 2020. What’s more, all club licenses are from elite leagues in Europe.

In addition, the graphics of FIFA 2020 are also very amazing because it looks very realistic and detailed. Even. sweat and wrinkles on the faces of the soccer players will look very real, cool, right? It’s not wrong if FIFA 2020 is one of the best PC soccer games that you can try.

In addition, there are also features that allow players to play soccer from various positions, from goalkeeper to attacker. In FIFA 2020 there is a new mode called Volta, where players can buy two games at one price. That way, players can play street football mode 3 vs 3 with a small goal and futsal 5 vs 5.

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3. Football Manager 2020

FM or Football Manager is included in one of the best PC soccer games. Because Football Manager 2020 has significant graphics compared to the previous version. Therefore, the appearance of the characters as well as the appearance of the club stadium is becoming more realistic and better. Moreover, in the stadium lighting and also the weather, the visuals are so sharp that it feels so real.

In Football Manager 2020, players can create missions for up to five seasons. This is very interesting because in the previous version, players could only create training missions for one season. The new feature in Football Manager 2020 is a development center where players can see the development of young players at the club they are playing.

That way, players can help the Football Manager 2020 wonderkids reach their best potential in the academy they are playing. In addition, there is also a Code of Conduct feature where players can issue strict laws against players who do not follow the rules. That way, players are more disciplined in applying the rules they make.

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4. Lords of Football

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For those who enjoy playing The Sims, this might be the soccer version of The Sims. That way, players in this game don’t just manage how to strategy and score goals. However, players can also manage the personal life of a soccer player, such as playing the character The Sims.

For example, players must be able to make these characters play nicely in match matches so they can party. Then, if the soccer club wins, the soccer players will get a reward for upgrading their soccer skills.

In one game, players can control the life of each player so that this PC game is very exciting to play. Then, players can also determine the fate of the care club as a whole through this Lord of Football game. So, the success or destruction of a football club will be determined by the players, interested in playing it?

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5. Top Eleven

Almost the same as Football Manager, Top Eleven also provides opportunities for players who want to try to become a soccer manager. Top eleven is the best PC soccer game because it is included in the top ten sports games in England, Germany, France, Italy and 80 other countries.

In addition to training soccer players, players of this game can also set strategies so that the club they play becomes superior and also improves the stadium. When you want to start a big match, players can change the strategy on the fly ( spectating ) so they can win the game.

Players can recruit, train, and also manage football clubs to go through various competitions, such as the Champions League and Super League competitions. In fact, players can also take part in live events and challenges from Top Eleven. Play this game and collect exclusive items to help players win various competitions.

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6. FootLOL: Epic Fail League

This is the best PC soccer game for gamers who like both silly and quirky things. The reason is, FootLOL: Epic Fail league is a soccer game that is deliberately designed so that players don’t just focus on scoring goals. Players can attack opponents with hilarious powers, such as fires, planes, and missiles.

That way, the opponent will be weak and players can easily score goals. In fact, the funny thing is that in this game, players can take out a horde of cows to prevent opponents from breaking into the goal.

This eccentric and hilarious concept certainly keeps the players entertained but is still fun to play. If you are interested in playing it on PC, you can download this game on Steam. The price is affordable, with only US$ 10 you can play this hilarious soccer game.

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7. Soccer Rage

Want to play a soccer game on a PC that is bar-free and rules-free? Try soccer rage, the best and unique PC soccer game. In this game, players are not faced with various rules that apply when playing soccer in general. That way, players can freely play soccer without any rules.

In fact, the player characters in this game can freely hit and kick other players’ characters to score goals. So, even if the opposing player’s character gets badly injured, the player will not be subject to a yellow or red card. The reason is, in this game, players are required to injure their opponents so that they leave the playing field.

The number of player characters that must be issued is seven. However, players are not only tasked with removing opposing players but also have to score as many goals as possible. Another uniqueness is that the player character will wear colorful costumes like a superhero.

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8. Rocket League

Who wants to try playing both a car game and a soccer game? Rocket League allows players to play soccer by driving a car or you could say as a soccer game between cars. So, playing football is not a person like playing soccer in general, but a car.

In fact, the cars can not only kick but also fly and maneuver. In Rocket League there are several modes to choose from, namely 3 vs 3, 1 vs 1, 4 vs 4, and 5 vs 5. Rocket League is the best and unique PC soccer game because players can choose the car they like.

In addition, players also have the opportunity to modify the car to make it cooler and have its own strengths. If you win a game, players will get several items to upgrade the car. If you are interested in playing this game, you can download it on the official website. Apart from playing on PC, players can also play Rocket League on PS4.

9. Super Arcade Football


As the name implies, Super Arcade Football is an arcade based soccer game. Therefore, it is not surprising that this one soccer game features a simple and retro appearance. In fact, in this game, there are elements of slow-mo-banana-bending-technology that are not found in other soccer games.

That way, game players can see kicks with slow motion effects that spoil the eye. The game developed by Out of The Bit is not only played single player but can also be multiplayer with a maximum of four people. Players can experience playing football in various world competitions, such as the Euro Cup and the World Cup.

To be able to play this game is also quite cheap, which is only IDR 70,000. Players can download the Super Arcade Football game on the official website. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Super Arcade Football is one of the best PC soccer games that can be played.

10. Sociable Soccer

This is the best PC soccer game by Jon Hare. Sociable Soccer has interesting visuals because players will see retro visuals typical of the 90s. That way, players can reminisce playing this one soccer game. This one game is perfect if you have previously played Sensible World of Soccer.

Players will love this game because Sociable Soccer has many international clubs as well as national teams from many countries. Apart from that, this game also has a twenty-year player career mode which is even more exciting when played. Players can also edit clubs in this game and players are free to create their own football club.


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That’s an interesting review of 10 recommendations for the best PC soccer games that can be played to accompany your spare time. The author’s message is that you need to be careful when looking for soccer games on the internet. Because at this time, quite a lot of ball games have emerged that lead to gambling. There are many football bookies sites that offer money betting games.

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10 Best PC Football Games
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