Serunya Bermain Soccer Rage di PC

The excitement of playing Soccer Rage on PC

Want to play a game full of challenges and test your adrenaline? Try playing Soccer Rage. This game is the best PC soccer game. This game is perfect for gamers who like to play with challenges.

Unlike other football games , this game inserts fighting action at the end of the game. Of course, it will add to the exciting experience for gamers . The reason is, this game combines the football sports genre as well as the action genre .

Even though it is different from the rules of soccer in general, there lies the uniqueness and excitement of this game. This game offers more thrilling fun at the end of the game. Therefore, gamers must download and play this game.

A deeper explanation of Soccer Rage

Soccer Rage is a sport and action genre game that is suitable for playing on PC. This game was published and developed by Stamina-Game on June 2, 2015. To be able to play this game, you need a Steam account.

This game is a football game with different rules from soccer matches in general. The reason is, in this game there are no penalties, free kicks, and red cards. Even if the player commits a brutal action, they will not be subject to a violation.

Having attractive 2-dimensional graphics, this game has 32 favorite countries, which are the choice of soccer gamers . Interestingly, this game also has the best field background themes from 5 countries, which have the best field stadiums.

At the end of the session, this game will present a virtual game in the form of action, or fighting between the two competed countries. Not only that, the player’s costume also has 3 interesting costume choices. The choice of the costume also differentiates the statistics of the respective players.

Gamers can determine the formation according to the strategy needed. For example, the use of a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 formation. The formation must be based on the statistics shown by the player, as well as strategies for attacking and defending.

To win this game, gamers must score more goals than their opponent or leave at least 7 opposing players. Therefore, it is important to set strategies and qualifications in order to win the game.

The reason this game is highly recommended

Soccer Rage is highly recommended, due to several reasons that gamers should know .  These reasons include:

1. Have an Attractive Graphic Design

As an animated game, Soccer Rage has an attractive graphic design. Starting from the coloring, costumes, and also the selection of the background of the football field, which is available from the best soccer fields from 5 countries. This will provide a more exciting game adventure.

Uniquely, the player costumes in this game are more like the superhero costumes of the Power Ranger. This is because at the end of the game session, there is a fighting scene between football teams, which represent each participating country. Of course the game will be even more exciting.

2. Free from Football Game Rules

This is a game that is not bound by the standard rules of playing football. In Soccer Rage there is no such thing as penalty kicks, red cards, free kicks, or any other rules that are deemed to violate the game. Therefore, this game is perfect for gamers who like to play with slightly radical football.

Being a football player is required to master all the rules set in a match. However, it is different with this game. The gamer is given the freedom to score the most goals without worrying bound by the rules of football game.

3. More Adrenaline

The action scene in this game will stimulate the adrenaline of gamers to fight by fighting and also playing football in a slightly radical version. Especially for gamers who like soccer games which are much more challenging.

This game is usually in demand by Adam’s people. The reason is, they prefer something that stimulates adrenaline, including liking this game. The existence of this game will be very exciting because it can wrestle with the opposing team. Thus, the peak of emotions due to dissatisfaction with being a player can be channeled.

4. Very Fun Playing on a PC or Laptop

Every game with an action genre is more exciting to play on a PC or laptop Likewise with Soccer Rage . Players are more flexible to play the game, because there are keyboard buttons that can make it easier to play.

5. Easy to Download

There are many official and unofficial links available on the internet that can facilitate the download process. Therefore, this game is superior because of the ease of downloading it. Besides that, this game is also available on Steam to get the official link.

There is Steam available which can be downloaded on PC. Steam provides a variety of modern games, including this game. Therefore, it is important to have a Steam account first before buying this game. Thus, the choice of this game can be said to be one of the advantages because of the ease of download.

This game is highly recommended for gamers for these reasons. Especially, gamers who feel bored with the usual football games. Therefore, this game is very worthy to be selected and made into one of the gamers’ personal game collections.

Not only in the world of games, football has always been an interesting topic to discuss among fans. Thus, the choice to choose a game that is different from usual like this game is highly recommended.

How to Download on PC

Soccer Rage is an official game. Therefore, to be able to download it, you need a Steam account first. Because this game is available on Steam. The way to download is very easy, Steam is like the playstore on Android .

In the hands of the publisher, this game was created to be easier to download. First open , then select Soccer Rage, and do the installation process. This process will only take a few minutes.

This game can be found on Steam for Rp.89,999, quite cheap for the size of modern game lovers like this game. In particular, there are many new things that gamers must try to this game. Therefore, it’s best not to ignore this game for download immediately.

The ease of downloading the game is the same as the ease of playing it. However, it is important to pay attention to underage gamers . Because this game shows acts of violence that can have a negative effect on minors.

Playing soccer games on PC will be more exciting and challenging by playing unusual games. Therefore, Soccer Rage is a game that deserves to be chosen and played on a PC, especially for gamers who want a more challenging game. 

Soccer Rage is an alternative game choice for gamers who love soccer games with different rules, or gamers who don’t want to be bound by the rules of soccer games, and gamers like games with fighting scenes combined , which can get an adrenaline rush.

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