Review PES 2020 - Layak Disebut sebagai Game PC Terbaik

PES 2020 review, the game deserves to be called one of the best PC game

PES 2020 is the game of choice for football game lovers. This game is here to be the best PC soccer game. Therefore, many gamers download this game on their PC. This article will talk about PES 2020 review. This game deserves to be called one of the best PC game.

This game, developed by Konami, has been released for use as a PC game since July 30, 2019. Of course something very exciting for football game lovers. The reason is, many gamers can experience the exciting experience of playing this soccer game on a PC.

This game is said to be worth downloading, because it is different from other football games. Several things that distinguish it make this game superior to other games. Therefore, this article will discuss some of the advantages that must be known.

The advantages of the PES 2020 Game for PC

PES 2020 has several advantages that gamers must know  before starting to download it. The following are some of the advantages:

1. More Realistic Game

The appearance of PES 2020 is more realistic, it can even resemble a real version of a soccer game. This is one of the advantages of this game. This is because players seem to be directly involved in a football match and represent their dream team.

Especially in this game, the football figure Ronaldinho is presented, who is famous for his agility and skill in scoring goals. Ronaldinho is here in this game with a more real figure like the real version. Thus, Ronaldinho became the attraction of the soccer game.

2. There is a Football Manager Option Feature

Not only playing as a football team. This game offers players to become a Football Manager . Therefore, PES 2020 is the best and favorite game for football gamers . Thus, gamers can play a dual role as a football team manager as well as a player.

Becoming a Football Manager is certainly not easy. It takes intuition as well as competent strategy. Therefore, it is important to train to be a football team manager in this game. Therefore, this game provides interactive dialogue facilities in Master League Mode.

3. There is a Match day Mode

Matchday mode allows gamers to make selections in more competitive football matches. This game lifts players from the stands to stand in line with other PES 2020 players. Thus, the match will be more controlled.

By joining the team in PES, you will be trained to build your dream team. In this mode, each team will play matches on a weekly, monthly basis, and their game will be evaluated and selected to enter the Grand Final. The Grand Final will be broadcast live in Matchday mode.

4. Fitur Cut Scene

In PES 2020 for PC, there is a Cutscene feature that can help evaluate if there are errors in the game. Not only that, this feature can also create beautiful memory sequences of some of the best games. These advantages make this feature very helpful for creating the perfect team.

Evaluation and dedication is needed by every football player to make improvements whenever something goes wrong in the game. Not only that, dedication is also needed to be given to outstanding players so that they can be used as examples and role models for other players. Hence the importance of these features.

5. Fitur Replay Footage

Just like the cut scene feature , this feature will display recordings of matches that have been carried out, to be used as an evaluation and also a strategy setting for the next match. This feature is the newest feature in PES 2020.

Every player who will compete must always be motivated and also analyzed so as not to make the same mistake in the next match. Therefore, it is important to use this feature because it can display game errors in more detail.

The advantages contained in this game, make the game very interesting and challenging to download on a PC. That is why, This game is the best game for PC in the special game genre of football.

With several advantages that make this game very feasible to play. Especially for football gamers who want to be born as new stars in the soccer game, and have a career in the virtual form of a game. Therefore, it is very natural that this game is widely downloaded by game fans.

When else can you compete with big players in the world of football, like Ronaldinho? All the answers are in this game. Even though you feel bored to be a soccer player in a football team. Through this game, you can learn how to become a football team manager.

PC details for PES 2020

PES 2020 is specifically downloaded for this PC, requires an Operating System in the form of Windows 7 SP1 with 8.1 and 10 (64bit), as well as a CPU in the form of an Intel Core i5 or AMD FX 4350, which can support the system configuration in this game. Do not miss the RAM which is needed as much as 4 GB.

Other specifications on a PC that supports this game require a GPU in the form of NVIDIA, with the type GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7870, (which supports DirectX 11), and must be supported by a 40 GB HDD.

Even though it requires a large capacity, gamers will feel satisfied to play it. The capacity of the PC makes it free to configure the system and also supports maneuvering of football games in the league. Especially for the world match league.

It is important to always pay attention to more complete details about the PC. The reason is, a PC that does not support this game can affect the image quality and sound quality, as well as the display that does not support optimally.

How to Download on PC

Downloading this game for PC is quite easy. Make sure the PC supports the PC details previously described. Thus, the game can be played more freely.

After making sure the PC details are as needed in this game. Next, to download the following links on a PC, namely sharemod , uptobox , mirrored , Mediafire . The link is a premium version link to support the game on PC.

The installation process is also fairly fast, because it only takes a few minutes, and the longest is only one hour. Thus, this game is quite easy to install on a PC. That is why this game is the best game for PC.

For fans of this football game immediately download the game and enjoy the exciting game and challenge intuition and strategy to win the football match in the form of this game. Thus, it is important to download this game as soon as possible.

Don’t miss the chance to become the green field’s new star in this game. Therefore, the game is worth downloading and playing. Especially for those who want to play the phenomenal PC version of the football game, and want to make it one of their personal game collections.

Playing PES 2020 is more specifically for soccer game professionals. But don’t worry, amateurs can also participate in the game, due to several features that make the game easier.

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