The excitement of playing Soccer Rage on PC

Want to play a game full of challenges and test your adrenaline? Try playing Soccer Rage. This game is the best PC soccer game. This game is perfect for gamers who like to play with challenges.

Unlike other football games , this game inserts fighting action at the end of the game. Of course, it will add to the exciting experience for gamers . The reason is, this game combines the football sports genre as well as the action genre .

Even though it is different from the rules of soccer in general, there lies the uniqueness and excitement of this game. This game offers more thrilling fun at the end of the game. Therefore, gamers must download and play this game.

A deeper explanation of Soccer Rage

Soccer Rage is a sport and action genre game that is suitable for playing on PC. This game was published and developed by Stamina-Game on June 2, 2015. To be able to play this game, you need a Steam account.

This game is a football game with different rules from soccer matches in general. The reason is, in this game there are no penalties, free kicks, and red cards. Even if the player commits a brutal action, they will not be subject to a violation.

Having attractive 2-dimensional graphics, this game has 32 favorite countries, which are the choice of soccer gamers . Interestingly, this game also has the best field background themes from 5 countries, which have the best field stadiums.

At the end of the session, this game will present a virtual game in the form of action, or fighting between the two competed countries. Not only that, the player’s costume also has 3 interesting costume choices. The choice of the costume also differentiates the statistics of the respective players.

Gamers can determine the formation according to the strategy needed. For example, the use of a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 formation. The formation must be based on the statistics shown by the player, as well as strategies for attacking and defending.

To win this game, gamers must score more goals than their opponent or leave at least 7 opposing players. Therefore, it is important to set strategies and qualifications in order to win the game.

The reason this game is highly recommended

Soccer Rage is highly recommended, due to several reasons that gamers should know .  These reasons include:

1. Have an Attractive Graphic Design

As an animated game, Soccer Rage has an attractive graphic design. Starting from the coloring, costumes, and also the selection of the background of the football field, which is available from the best soccer fields from 5 countries. This will provide a more exciting game adventure.

Uniquely, the player costumes in this game are more like the superhero costumes of the Power Ranger. This is because at the end of the game session, there is a fighting scene between football teams, which represent each participating country. Of course the game will be even more exciting.

2. Free from Football Game Rules

This is a game that is not bound by the standard rules of playing football. In Soccer Rage there is no such thing as penalty kicks, red cards, free kicks, or any other rules that are deemed to violate the game. Therefore, this game is perfect for gamers who like to play with slightly radical football.

Being a football player is required to master all the rules set in a match. However, it is different with this game. The gamer is given the freedom to score the most goals without worrying bound by the rules of football game.

3. More Adrenaline

The action scene in this game will stimulate the adrenaline of gamers to fight by fighting and also playing football in a slightly radical version. Especially for gamers who like soccer games which are much more challenging.

This game is usually in demand by Adam’s people. The reason is, they prefer something that stimulates adrenaline, including liking this game. The existence of this game will be very exciting because it can wrestle with the opposing team. Thus, the peak of emotions due to dissatisfaction with being a player can be channeled.

4. Very Fun Playing on a PC or Laptop

Every game with an action genre is more exciting to play on a PC or laptop Likewise with Soccer Rage . Players are more flexible to play the game, because there are keyboard buttons that can make it easier to play.

5. Easy to Download

There are many official and unofficial links available on the internet that can facilitate the download process. Therefore, this game is superior because of the ease of downloading it. Besides that, this game is also available on Steam to get the official link.

There is Steam available which can be downloaded on PC. Steam provides a variety of modern games, including this game. Therefore, it is important to have a Steam account first before buying this game. Thus, the choice of this game can be said to be one of the advantages because of the ease of download.

This game is highly recommended for gamers for these reasons. Especially, gamers who feel bored with the usual football games. Therefore, this game is very worthy to be selected and made into one of the gamers’ personal game collections.

Not only in the world of games, football has always been an interesting topic to discuss among fans. Thus, the choice to choose a game that is different from usual like this game is highly recommended.

How to Download on PC

Soccer Rage is an official game. Therefore, to be able to download it, you need a Steam account first. Because this game is available on Steam. The way to download is very easy, Steam is like the playstore on Android .

In the hands of the publisher, this game was created to be easier to download. First open , then select Soccer Rage, and do the installation process. This process will only take a few minutes.

This game can be found on Steam for Rp.89,999, quite cheap for the size of modern game lovers like this game. In particular, there are many new things that gamers must try to this game. Therefore, it’s best not to ignore this game for download immediately.

The ease of downloading the game is the same as the ease of playing it. However, it is important to pay attention to underage gamers . Because this game shows acts of violence that can have a negative effect on minors.

Playing soccer games on PC will be more exciting and challenging by playing unusual games. Therefore, Soccer Rage is a game that deserves to be chosen and played on a PC, especially for gamers who want a more challenging game. 

Soccer Rage is an alternative game choice for gamers who love soccer games with different rules, or gamers who don’t want to be bound by the rules of soccer games, and gamers like games with fighting scenes combined , which can get an adrenaline rush.

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FootLOL: Epic Fail League, Funny PC Soccer Game

The best PC football game FootLOL: Epic Fail League is perfect for players who like to tackle each other and prank their opponents. In contrast to games like FIFA and PES which adapt football match games to adapt to the real world. This game is suitable for players who like to joke.

FootLOL games are not too serious like Olympics or football tournaments in general, FootLOL games have more or less an element of competition but are different from FIFA football games, PES, and soccer games which adapt to the original match system itself.

So, before diving into the game FootLOL: Epic Fail League, let’s take a peek at the company that makes FootLOL.

Produksi FootLOL: Epic Fail League

This game is produced by HeroCraft PC which has made various video games on the PC platform. One game that is quite popular is Insomnia: The Ark, an action-themed game suitable for gamers who like action games. Another game made by Herocraft is the Grand Street Racing Tour which is a car race game on Android.

FootLOL has often been played by many game players because of its cute and adorable multiplayer features . This game was released on August 7, 2013 on Steam, gamers can also get this game from the Steam application, even HeroCraft started releasing this game for smartphones, expanding their game range for mobile gaming .

After checking the overview of this game, let’s check the specifications for the FootLOL game so that the game can run smoothly on a PC.

FootLOL Game Installation Place

Gamers can install via the Steam smartphone application that has been connected to Steam PC or by downloading Steam on a PC. Steam itself is a digital game distributor created by Valve so that gamers can easily access and buy games on PC. Of course this FootLOL can be purchased on Steam for Rp.89 thousand, plus adds-on and other additional bundles .

In addition, Steam also installs the specifications needed by the game to make it easier for gamers who want to find out whether their laptop specifications are suitable for the desired game.

Spesifikasi FootLOL: Epic Fail League

The specifications of this game are not too burdensome for the PC, more or less this game requires a 1.6 GHz processor, 1024 MB of memory , and 107 MB of free space so that this game can run smoothly. This low specification game is suitable for standard PC players, no need to play it on a gaming PC or gaming laptop .

The lowest required OS for this game is Windows XP and the highest is Windows 8. So for gamers who feel whether this game is able to run on their standard PC, don’t worry. This game can run on any PC without any bugs and glitches .

Overview FootLOL: Epic Fail League

This game has a highlight in the game that is nudging and cheating on other players to get victory. FootLol has a gameplay that is more or less like football in general, namely putting the ball into the opponent’s net.

However, the difference from this game from other soccer games is that you can disrupt your opponent’s momentum with tricks and items to prevent your opponent from entering the ball into the net. Items such as cows, magnets, mines, shields, and other items to slow down the progress of the opposing player.

The AI ​​NPC provided by FootLOL is not too difficult, and some people claim to be bored against AI that can be defeated many times. That’s why this game shines in the multiplayer feature . This game can be played with friends, while joking. Apart from that, the game is not as competitive as the official soccer tournaments.

Gameplay FootLOL: Epic Fail League

This game play has a system if the player wins, the player will win a certain amount of money to raise the level of weapons or upgrade the player’s stats. Players who often win matches will get a lot of money and automatically unlock weapons that were previously locked.

This once locked weapon will be used for soccer players on the field so that their stats are high and can compete with opponents. Well, besides being used to buy weapons, money is also useful for raising the skill tree level of football players.

Like MMORPGs that use the skill tree system , FootLOL also uses this system to determine what abilities can be used to slow down or block the opponent’s movements to the net.

Apart from the skill tree , items also play an important role in regulating the momentum of the game. Mini players on the field will also use various items that can slow down time, injure opponents, and even tackle opponents who carry the ball with the items the player has.

However, the ability of this item can be dispelled with armor, accessories , and block spheres that can easily neutralize item abilities. That’s why thinking about the right strategy is one way so that players don’t lose matches and money.

Some players prefer to play the smartphone version of FootLOL because of the fast pace of the game. This game is suitable for players who are bored of waiting on TAXI, on the bus, or when there is little free time to play.

Game Mode

FootLOL: Epic Fail League game mode will provide a tutorial for players to dive into the championship mode. The player will go through four planets with a total of twenty rounds. In addition, players can flag their respective teams.

Grafik FootLOL: Epic Fail League

FootLOL graphics are very simple and not detailed, such as small smurf figures and movements that are not as smooth as realistic soccer games. However, the movements of the soccer players’ NPCs in the game still look funny and cute to look at. These graphics are suitable for porting to small platforms such as smartphones .

Well, of course this smartphone platform is no less popular than its PC games.

Overview FootLOL: Epic Fail League

Several reviews from players indicate that FootLOL is suitable for playing between friends who like to prank each other. This game is not suitable for official competitive games, indeed this game focuses on PVP. However, the atmosphere of this game is more suitable for friendly matches and non-official competitive games.

In addition, funny and hilarious items such as cows and mines, add to the effect of humor and jokes between friends. So this game is suitable to be played in a small circle of friends.

Of course, this game does not escape from several significant shortcomings. One of them is the lack of a game mode that keeps players interested in playing this game. As a result, many players play this just to fill their spare time or when they are really bored.

The lack of variations in the game modes of FootLOL: Epic Fail League is what makes players less addicted to this game. Apart from the game features in the form of stages, the gameplay also seems more or less repetitive. Gameplay is the essence of determining whether the game is good or appropriate to play.

This game is suitable for players who want to hang out together and joke around in their spare time. However, for long-term play, this game is less attractive. This game is more interesting to play when it’s spontaneous, when there are no games that attract attention and are bored with existing games.

FootLOL: Epic Fail League has elements that are more or less the same as the Mario Party car race where players throw items at each other to beat their opponents and win first place.

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Top Eleven for PC, Best Soccer Game

Do you want to play a soccer game with the best football manager simulation? Yes, Top Eleven is the best answer to the best PC soccer games. This game is highly recommended for gamers.

The gamer must already identify more with this game. The reason is, among gamers, the name of this soccer game is very well known. Therefore, amateur gamers who are not familiar with it, should also play this game on a PC.

Not without reason, Top Eleven is the best choice for professional gamers , who love to play football. Some of the advantages of this game have made this game famous among gamers and are also said to be worthy of being downloaded and played. What are the advantages? This article will cover all of them.

Top Eleven’s Official Identity

Top Eleven is a soccer simulation game for gamers to practice strategizing to play the role of a dream soccer team manager. The game was developed and published by Nordeus, which was released early on May 9, 2010.

The platform required for this game is Windows. Windows really supports this game to be played on a PC. However, specifically for PC gaming itself, it requires special specifications, especially for modern games like Top Eleven.

At a glance about Nordeus, this company is one of the game companies that has become an expert in the field of game creation. The company was founded on March 12, 2010, based in Serbia and has 250 employees who are experts in making this game.

Nordeus himself also acts as the developer of this game. Therefore, this game has a high professional level to the players. This is because publishers and developers are more focused on that one game. That is why, this game is superior compared to other games.

Top Eleven excellence

Top Eleven has an advantage over other games. Therefore, many gamers choose this game to be played on PC. Some of its advantages include:

  1. Have a variety of exciting events that are always up to date
    Top Eleven has many advantages, including many exciting events that always go through the latest updates. Especially when played on a PC. These events include the Champions League , Super League, and League Cup. Of course, with several other exciting events .

This fun event includes an easy way to rate statistics. The statistical data in this game consists of data presentation and also the ability to see the opponent’s strategy. This can be seen from the evaluations made by football team players.

  1. There is a World Cup feature
    In this world cup feature, the competition in the matches in this game will be even more exciting and heated. Especially when playing it on a PC. The supportive graphics will make this game much more exciting and challenging.

The cheers of the world cup are not only found in the real world, but in this game as well. Therefore, the excitement will be even more felt because of this feature that makes all countries involved in it. Thus, gamers can champion their superior country.

  1. Award for Most Goalscorer
    One of the advantages contained in this game is the award to the top scorer. This dedication will certainly encourage football game players. The reason is, every player will try to fight to score the most goals.

Scoring goals, not just to make these players excel. Of course, these players will represent their team to come out as champions. Therefore, it is important to give this dedication to every football team player.

  1. Can be Cross-Platform
    Another advantage in this game is that it can be done across platforms. Of course, this will make it easier for gamers to move data stored on other platforms, if they want to play soccer games on a different platform.

In this case, for example, if gamers have played games on the Windows platform and want to switch to Android, it is very easy to do this by playing this game. Without having to repeat the game from scratch. Thus, gamers can continue the game they have been running.

  1. Award for Most Assist Giver
    In this game, dedication is not only given to the top scorers. But also to the most assists. The reason is, the goal will not be created well without the role of the player who assists. That role can create more goals.

In a football game, assists are very important. Therefore, this game rewards the players who make the most assists. Of course this is, thanks to the role of the football team manager who carries out the best strategy to win the football match.

With several advantages, it is appropriate for the game to be downloaded and played by gamers, both professionals and gamers who are still amateurs in playing soccer games . Thus, This game is said to be the best game for PC in the football match genre.

Naturally, with these advantages, football gamers make choices in this game. Moreover, a gamer certainly has a better understanding of the features and mastery of statistical data that must be known more in order to win the match.

In a football game, strategy and field mastery are needed. However, some amateur gamers do n’t really understand this. Therefore, this soccer simulation game will teach you how to master these gaming techniques .

How to Download Top Eleven

There are 3 ways to download Top Eleven on a PC, namely through a browser, Facebook account, and also an emulator. Each of these methods has a different link to download. Make sure the PC has Adobe Flash Player installed , especially for downloading via browsers and emulators.

The first way to download this game via a browser, can be done by downloading this link . As previously explained, make sure that your PC has Adobe Flash Player installed, which will make it easier for you to read the game system on your PC.

The second and third ways can be through the emulator and Facebook account. The link for the emulator, you can download the Memu Player , and for downloading the third way via a Facebook account, by downloading the Facebook game room

As with other modern games, before downloading this game. Make sure the PC must support PC gaming. Starting from the CPU, GPU, and RAM used. What’s more, modern games require a gaming PC that supports the capacity of the soccer game.

The right choice for gamers to make choices on this game. The reason is with its various advantages, and it can add new experiences to gamers , as an alternative to choosing a game that is different from usual.

Among the many games that provide soccer manager simulations, only Top Eleven can be said to be the best game for PC, which can test a gamer’s ability to become a reliable football team manager.

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Reasons Why Choose Lord of Football for Best Football PC Game

Are you currently looking for the best PC soccer game? The answer is Lord of Football. Not without reason this game is said to be the best. Several factors deserve to make this game the best.

Especially for gamers, of course , they know some of the factors that make a soccer game the best. Therefore, this game is highly recommended for gamers who like to play soccer PC games.

So, what are the factors that make this game the best soccer game for PC? Let’s look at the next description, in order to know more and be able to increase knowledge about playing soccer games for PC.

The Lord of Football explained

Lords of Football was released in 2013, on April 5 to be precise. The developer of this game is Geniaware SRL, but the license to publish it is in Fish Eagle. This company has released Lords of Football as a football game which has become a trendsetter for soccer games for PC.

In the hands of its creators , Lords of Football has been developed into a big game, equivalent to FIFA and PES. Not only that, the developers also played a big role in developing this game. Although this game development company is under the management of Fish Eagle .

The company created Lords of Football in a more advanced version, as well as innovative features. Where, the company was developed by a team consisting of professionals in the gaming field, who created this game with advanced technology.

Especially for gamers who feel bored with the usual football games, in the sense that they are only commanded to play matches. So this game can be used as an alternative choice. Because gamers are free at will to strategize, learn more opponent strategies.

The reason Lords of Football is the Best Game

Why do gamers have to download and play this game? This is due to several reasons. The following are some of the reasons:

1. Using the most advanced technology

This game was developed by an Italian company that has become good at making games. By following the latest technological developments, this game was created with the most advanced technology today. This is evidenced by the image display and also the configuration that supports a game for PC.

Football games for PC are required to have a true appearance. Likewise with this game. The advanced technology behind it makes this game more realistic, with a lifelike appearance. Both in terms of coloring, field, and also the character of the players.

2. Developed by Professional Experts

Lords of Football was created by a game development company from Italy, Geniaware SRL, where this company has a special team for the creation of the game, who are professionals and experts in their fields. Therefore, this game is supported by many powerful features.

By being created by these experts, this game is superior to other similar games. Therefore, this game is very worthy to be downloaded on a PC, and adds to the collection of football games for gamers. Surely the experts really understand the sophistication of technology that is currently developing which can be used as inspiration for the making of the game.

3. Has Many Advanced Features

The game was created with the most advanced technology at this time. Thus, This game is equipped with various excellent features which make it the best game for PC. Especially if it is played by football-loving gamers . This game is here to be a soccer game that suits the tastes of gamers.

4. Very Fun Playing on a PC

Lords of Football is a fun game to play on a PC because it is supported by a sophisticated graphic display. 3 Dimensional animation is supported by the sophistication of current technology. Thus, players can more freely take free kicks, kick offs, in a version that looks real.

The sophisticated graphic concept brings a realistic game. Therefore, it seems as if gamers are given the freedom to play these games. As the concept promoted, namely Lords of Football, which is a concept like a football manager, but participating in playing as a football team player.

5. More Than Just a Soccer Game (The Sims)

The Sims is a game concept that does not only focus on achievement, by scoring goals and also getting trophies and awards. This game is a football game that is different from other football games. This game adopts The Sims system.

Like The Sims system, this game also plays a role in playing the lives of football players, as well as in everyday life. Therefore, this game is different because of the game concept that adopts the The Sims system.

Those are some reasons why gamers should download the soccer game and start playing it. Especially gamers who are happy with a form of play such as being a football team manager. Because this game will provide a simulation.

When else will you find out about the glamorous lives of high-paying football players? The answer is in this game. As a manager, he will manage the finances of the football team players, and know the character of each.

Thus, gamers will fulfill entertainment needs for players and also fully support all the facilities needed by football players. With a note, these players do not display a bad game on the field.

How to Download on a PC

Downloading this game must cost money, but don’t worry because the cost is comparable to the high quality of the game. Gamers can also visit Steam for PC or download via this link .

The installation process will take a while, but a strong internet connection is required. Also make sure to pay attention to the specifications of the computer used. Because PC gaming is different from PCs that are used for simple work processes.

Even though there are no standard provisions, the best PC gaming will be more supportive of playing these games. Specific specifications that can provide a better game display are the use of Low-End class CPUs and Mid-End class GPUs, 8GB – 16TB RAM. Thus, the game display looks more perfect.

In order to operate Lords of Football you need at least a Low-End class CPU, and for a more challenging experience you can use Virtual Reality which is supported by a Mid-End CPU. To support this modern game, it takes at least a CPU from the generation 3 years back.

Get ready to download and play Lords of Football as an exciting and challenging PC Game. By playing this game, you can act as a real football team manager. The reason is, this game requires sharp analysis and strategy.

Being a dream football team manager will be a matter of pride if you can lead your team to the championship. Therefore, a soccer game simulation is needed to be able to hone the strategy and intuition of a football team manager.

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Football Manager 2020, One of the Best PC Games

Overcoming boredom of monotonous soccer game play, or feeling bored to pit your skills by becoming a soccer player team. The answer is Football Manager 2020. Especially for gamers who like to play PC games, this game is the best PC soccer game .

Not without reason this game is said to be the best. Several factors deserve to make this game the best, or even the dream game that gamers have been looking for. Therefore, you should find out more information about the game.

For gamers, of course, want a more challenging level of play in a game. Therefore, this game deserves to be an option. Especially gamers who like soccer genre games specifically for PC.

Detail Tentang Football Manager 2020

Football manager 2020 is a simulation game to become a football team manager. This game is published by Sega, a game company from Japan. The developer is Sport Interactive,  as a game development company, where this company is still in the same management with the Sega company.

Football manager itself has been released since 2004, which launched Football Manager 2005. Meanwhile, Football Manager 2020 was released in 2019 to cater to the tastes of fans of more challenging football games.

Before being published by Sega, this game was called Championship Manager,  which was launched in 1992. The first publisher of this game was named Eidos Interactive . However, the publisher experienced a termination of its partnership with Sport interactive. Therefore, the developer decided to join Sega.

Sport Interactive collaborates with Sega as the publisher of this game because Sega himself has produced many very interesting and challenging games to play. In fact, his achievements have been worldwide, with many publishing games that are in great demand by many people.

Based on this, this game has game characteristics that were born by Sega games in general. Both in terms of images, sound, and color combinations. Of course, with the latest Japanese technology, as has become the standard for the Japanese game publishing company.

The latest addition in Football Manager 2020

There are a few new days of this game, which makes it even more interesting and worth it for gamers to download and play immediately .   Of course, it will provide a more lively and enjoyable gaming experience. These new things include:

1. Graphics

Following the development of 3-dimensional graphic animation that is currently being hit. This game also revitalizes in terms of graphics with the latest appearance. Not only that, sound support and system configuration were also updated so that the game was more lively and real.

The graphic display is more alive and real, making this game worth downloading. The reason is, this game will provide a pleasant gaming experience by seeing the appearance that looks real, which seems to attract the imagination of players to play in a more real match.

2. Features

This game has the latest features, namely the VAR ( Video Assistant Referee) feature , Staff Assistance Manager, Playing Time Pathway. This new feature provides support for more challenging games, and can be used as an arena for discussion with other gamers .

A selection of new features will make it easier for new football managers to strategize. This feature is like an assistant manager in a football game in virtual form.

3. The existence of the German League

This game already has a license to present the German league in its newest game. Thus, for Bayern Munich fans, this is quite encouraging news. The game becomes more exciting because it is supported by your favorite team.

Playing the German league has its own sensation of pleasure for its fans. Although there are not many who make this league one of the favorite leagues in football games. Therefore, the presence of the German league in this game is a breath of fresh air.

4. Catalan National Team

Catalan is the name of the national football team from Spain. This national team is predicted to want to be independent. Therefore, it is very easy for this game to have this team license. Thus, for aspiring new football managers it will be easy to play team football with Sergio Busquets, Iniesta, Jordi Albert, who hails from the Catalan team.

To try out his abilities independently. This national team joined the game with the big name of the founding team. That is why this team is a team that deserves to be relied on, given the number of players who are potential enough to become the top team players.

5. Girls Club

The newest and certainly more exciting thing in Football Manager 2020 is the existence of a women’s team club. This club is different than the others, it’s just that, as a football team manager you have to be very good at managing this club because it is different from the general.

In some countries, women’s football matches have been held for a long time. Although, some other countries still feel that they are not too familiar. Carrying this uniqueness, this game is very challenging to download on PC. Especially for football managers who want to try something new.

By looking at some of the latest things in Football Manager 2020, it’s a pity for gamers not to choose and download the game. The reason is, to become a professional gamer you have to try out all the new things in the world of gaming.

Being a professional gamer can be a profession. Therefore, it is important to know more about everything that is new in the game world, to add scientific references to win the game.

How to Download on PC

Downloading Football Manager 2020 for PC is fairly easy. Moreover, this game is also available on Steam. Steam is like the playstore or mobile app store Every gamer is free to try the game they want. Or you can also download the link here .

After downloading the game, go through the installation process which will take only 30 minutes – 60 minutes, depending on your internet connection. The reason is, downloading this game requires a good and smooth internet connection, so that lagging does not occur .

Lagging in the download process is a download process that does not run perfectly, resulting in the image being displayed cannot be displayed in full. Not only that, from a sound point of view it will sound halting.

To avoid lagging , make sure to always check the internet connection and also the PC specifications that support the game. This game requires a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. Make sure the RAM is available on the PC where the download process will be carried out.

It is also important to know, Football manager 2020 is a paid game. This game is made free by the developer, for the past few weeks. Precisely on March 18-25, 2020, during the Corona virus quarantine period.

This game is the best for PC because of the many things that are new in the Feature update and also some of the looks. The developers and publishers of this game have gone to great lengths to bring this game to the fore in the interests and tastes of soccer gamers for PC.

The right choice for gamers to choose Football Manager 2020. The reason is, this game is not just a game to fill spare time. This game can also be used as a forum for discussion, especially with gamers who like soccer games for PC. Thus, knowledge can be shared with each other.

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FIFA 2020 Football Game is Said To Be One of The Best PC Game

FIFA 2020 is now available in the PC version. This splashy game that shocked many fans of soccer games, began to expand its reach to the PC port. To enjoy the thrill of playing this game.

Not many people have the PS4 platform to play FIFA 20. So PC games are the right choice. In particular, for fans of FIFA 2020 who don’t have expensive platforms like PS4, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 2020 can be said to be the Best PC Football Game .

This article will discuss the specifications needed to play FIFA 2020 along with a review of this game. Let’s look at the origin of this game first.

The making of FIFA 2020

FIFA 2020 was created by a game company called EA with the name Electronic Arts stands for. EA has made many famous games such as The Sims series, simulating domestic life. Car racing games like Need For Speed ​​are also well-known games favored by many fans of luxury cars.

Funny and unique games like Plants VS Zombies are also one of EA’s popular games. Battlefield, which is a favorite game for hardcore gamers, is also popular, rivaling FPS (First Person shooter) games such as Call of Duty and other shooter games . FIFA 2020 was released on September 24, 2019.

As before, the 2020 FIFA game also has updated gameplay and graphics. With a realistic and fresh environment for FIFA 20 fans.

The making of this game uses the Frostbite Engine, just like its predecessor. Of course, with a new mechanic that attracts FIFA fans. Well, first consider the PC specifications to play EA’s latest FIFA game.

FIFA 20 Download Place

FIFA 20 can be obtained via the origins website. This origins website will offer players a paid package for new players who want to play this game. This game can also be obtained via Tokopedia, where players can get the offline version of FIFA 20.

FIFA 2020 PC specifications

The specifications of this game are high and require a large amount of RAM. Gamers who want to play this game must have a minimum of 8 RAM so that the game can run without a hitch. Apart from RAM, another factor is the PC memory itself.

The graphics are realistic and fresh, making this game requires a lot of RAM and PC memory. This game requires up to 50 GB of free memory. So PC players have to calibrate their PCs to match the specifications of this 2020 version of FIFA.

Gameplay FIFA 2020

This game competes with the PES 2020 game, which shows off the e-Football feature, now FIFA provides a variety of new features that are different from its predecessor. FIFA 20’s intense competition with the football game PES 2020 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2020) is already quite well known among fans and has been named one of the best PC soccer games. The competition between the two games is also caused by the exclusive license for the Juventus license in the PES 2020 game.

Gameplay is the main component in every game, be it action games, RPGs, or sports games like PES and FIFA. Well, if this gameplay is not all players are suitable and can adjust to the gameplay given. Many fans of FIFA and PES fans are at odds over the uniqueness of one another’s gameplay .

Both games have the same game genre with unique gameplay that differentiates one game from another. Of course, graphics and specifications can also determine whether a game is good. 

FIFA changes 20

FIFA 2020 has many developments, this can be seen from a new feature that attracts FIFA fans to stick like bees to honey. FIFA’s gameplay is more or less consistent with previous games, namely clever AI skills in defending from opponent attacks, shooting accuracy, and crossing balls.

Gameplay changes that can be seen clearly from the start is the setting of the free kick angle in FIFA 20. This time in FIFA 20, this time the player can adjust the AI ​​foot position of the soccer player so that the game player can determine the rotation of the ball which can be more controlled by the player himself.

Unlike FIFA 2019, FIFA 20 does not have the skills or abilities where players can outwit their opponents which can be done continuously. This proves that EA began to develop AI NPC enemies more wary than when FIFA 19.

Using the ability to outwit your opponent at the wrong moment can disrupt the momentum of the soccer game. Due to the development of AI, FIFA 20’s gameplay seems to be slower than the previous game. However, it still brings an element of fun and excitement to this gameplay change .

Even so, the gameplay of FIFA 20 is faster than PES 20. So FIFA 20 players can do more fun and fun action in the game.

Game Modes and Features

FIFA 20 now provides an attractive game mode to make matches more exciting and fun, while maintaining the consistency of the game with its predecessor games. Modes like FIFA Ultimate Team make FIFA fans addicted and thirsty for victory.

Of course EA does not only add these new features, other features such as Volta mode are suitable for fans of FIFA players who want to reminisce about the FIFA Street PS2 game .

Graphic FIFA 20

The graphics of FIFA 20 have experienced many developments compared to its predecessor FIFA games. Observing game graphics is easier than looking at gameplay , even the majority of game players must pay attention to the graphics first, then the gameplay for the final decision whether the game they play is according to their tastes or not.

Games like PES 2020, which are competing with the flagship football game EA FIFA 2020, also have many advantages in their graphics, but unfortunately the graphics on PES 20 are not evenly distributed. PES 2020 only focuses with detailed graphics on licensed teams. But what makes PES 20 outperform FIFA 20 is the lighting aspect of the stadium, both from its light and shadow play.

No less than PES 2020, FIFA 20 also provides graphic quality that is more even and harmonious than PES 20 which likes to be picky. The biggest drawback of PES 20 is the quality of graphics that are not harmonious and evenly distributed throughout the football team. Because PES 2020 only focuses on the licensed team they have. Of course, this makes FIFA 20 more respected by players who do not favoritism the team.

Team License

Football team licenses owned by FIFA 20 are very diverse (except for Juventus). PES 2020 has licenses for major teams, such as Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Arsenal.

It is this license that determines the quality of PES 2020 graphics, they focus on the graphics of their licensed team and do not detail the rest of the team. This certainly makes FIFA 20 superior to PES 20. In addition, the FIFA 20 license is more complete than its PES 20 competitors.

Because of the completeness of the FIFA license, of course the football players of each team can show the uniqueness and detail of the different original uniform attributes.

Well, here is a detailed article about the specifications of FIFA 2020 along with the interesting features provided by FIFA 20 which is able to attract the attention of football fans from ancient times until now. Hopefully this article can help game players who are confused about the advantages of FIFA 20 which has captured the hearts of many football fans.

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Source: The Best PC Football Games for Online and Offline Version

PES 2020 review, the game deserves to be called one of the best PC game

PES 2020 is the game of choice for football game lovers. This game is here to be the best PC soccer game. Therefore, many gamers download this game on their PC. This article will talk about PES 2020 review. This game deserves to be called one of the best PC game.

This game, developed by Konami, has been released for use as a PC game since July 30, 2019. Of course something very exciting for football game lovers. The reason is, many gamers can experience the exciting experience of playing this soccer game on a PC.

This game is said to be worth downloading, because it is different from other football games. Several things that distinguish it make this game superior to other games. Therefore, this article will discuss some of the advantages that must be known.

The advantages of the PES 2020 Game for PC

PES 2020 has several advantages that gamers must know  before starting to download it. The following are some of the advantages:

1. More Realistic Game

The appearance of PES 2020 is more realistic, it can even resemble a real version of a soccer game. This is one of the advantages of this game. This is because players seem to be directly involved in a football match and represent their dream team.

Especially in this game, the football figure Ronaldinho is presented, who is famous for his agility and skill in scoring goals. Ronaldinho is here in this game with a more real figure like the real version. Thus, Ronaldinho became the attraction of the soccer game.

2. There is a Football Manager Option Feature

Not only playing as a football team. This game offers players to become a Football Manager . Therefore, PES 2020 is the best and favorite game for football gamers . Thus, gamers can play a dual role as a football team manager as well as a player.

Becoming a Football Manager is certainly not easy. It takes intuition as well as competent strategy. Therefore, it is important to train to be a football team manager in this game. Therefore, this game provides interactive dialogue facilities in Master League Mode.

3. There is a Match day Mode

Matchday mode allows gamers to make selections in more competitive football matches. This game lifts players from the stands to stand in line with other PES 2020 players. Thus, the match will be more controlled.

By joining the team in PES, you will be trained to build your dream team. In this mode, each team will play matches on a weekly, monthly basis, and their game will be evaluated and selected to enter the Grand Final. The Grand Final will be broadcast live in Matchday mode.

4. Fitur Cut Scene

In PES 2020 for PC, there is a Cutscene feature that can help evaluate if there are errors in the game. Not only that, this feature can also create beautiful memory sequences of some of the best games. These advantages make this feature very helpful for creating the perfect team.

Evaluation and dedication is needed by every football player to make improvements whenever something goes wrong in the game. Not only that, dedication is also needed to be given to outstanding players so that they can be used as examples and role models for other players. Hence the importance of these features.

5. Fitur Replay Footage

Just like the cut scene feature , this feature will display recordings of matches that have been carried out, to be used as an evaluation and also a strategy setting for the next match. This feature is the newest feature in PES 2020.

Every player who will compete must always be motivated and also analyzed so as not to make the same mistake in the next match. Therefore, it is important to use this feature because it can display game errors in more detail.

The advantages contained in this game, make the game very interesting and challenging to download on a PC. That is why, This game is the best game for PC in the special game genre of football.

With several advantages that make this game very feasible to play. Especially for football gamers who want to be born as new stars in the soccer game, and have a career in the virtual form of a game. Therefore, it is very natural that this game is widely downloaded by game fans.

When else can you compete with big players in the world of football, like Ronaldinho? All the answers are in this game. Even though you feel bored to be a soccer player in a football team. Through this game, you can learn how to become a football team manager.

PC details for PES 2020

PES 2020 is specifically downloaded for this PC, requires an Operating System in the form of Windows 7 SP1 with 8.1 and 10 (64bit), as well as a CPU in the form of an Intel Core i5 or AMD FX 4350, which can support the system configuration in this game. Do not miss the RAM which is needed as much as 4 GB.

Other specifications on a PC that supports this game require a GPU in the form of NVIDIA, with the type GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7870, (which supports DirectX 11), and must be supported by a 40 GB HDD.

Even though it requires a large capacity, gamers will feel satisfied to play it. The capacity of the PC makes it free to configure the system and also supports maneuvering of football games in the league. Especially for the world match league.

It is important to always pay attention to more complete details about the PC. The reason is, a PC that does not support this game can affect the image quality and sound quality, as well as the display that does not support optimally.

How to Download on PC

Downloading this game for PC is quite easy. Make sure the PC supports the PC details previously described. Thus, the game can be played more freely.

After making sure the PC details are as needed in this game. Next, to download the following links on a PC, namely sharemod , uptobox , mirrored , Mediafire . The link is a premium version link to support the game on PC.

The installation process is also fairly fast, because it only takes a few minutes, and the longest is only one hour. Thus, this game is quite easy to install on a PC. That is why this game is the best game for PC.

For fans of this football game immediately download the game and enjoy the exciting game and challenge intuition and strategy to win the football match in the form of this game. Thus, it is important to download this game as soon as possible.

Don’t miss the chance to become the green field’s new star in this game. Therefore, the game is worth downloading and playing. Especially for those who want to play the phenomenal PC version of the football game, and want to make it one of their personal game collections.

Playing PES 2020 is more specifically for soccer game professionals. But don’t worry, amateurs can also participate in the game, due to several features that make the game easier.

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10 Best PC Football Games

One of the favorite PC games is soccer. The reason is, soccer games can be played in various genres and ages. Starts from children to adults. If you are interested in playing, you should first find out about the best PC football games.

The soccer game not only presents an exciting game but also visuals that can spoil the eye. Moreover, this soccer game on PC, now there are many tournaments. Where, offering tantalizing gifts.

The following are recommendations for the 10 best PC soccer games that can be played:

10 Best PC Football Games

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1. PES 2020

For game maniacs, PES 2020 is certainly no stranger to hearing. PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccer, which is one of the best PC soccer games released by Konami. This game is specially designed very much like real football.

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There are soccer clubs, countries, and also soccer players that exist in the real world. Even the soccer players are very complete, from ordinary players to idol players like Lionel Messi, there are also in this PES 2020 game. Players of this PC soccer game can only play clubs and from any country.

In fact, players can play it offline in multiplayer mode so that this game becomes more exciting when played. There is also a tournament mode like the one in the Champions League so that players can only play one club and compete until they become champions.

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2. FIFA 2020

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This one game is almost similar to PES 2020, but the difference is only in the license. FIFA 2020 licenses are valued more than PES 2020. That way, FIFA 2020 can bring in more football clubs than PES 2020. What’s more, all club licenses are from elite leagues in Europe.

In addition, the graphics of FIFA 2020 are also very amazing because it looks very realistic and detailed. Even. sweat and wrinkles on the faces of the soccer players will look very real, cool, right? It’s not wrong if FIFA 2020 is one of the best PC soccer games that you can try.

In addition, there are also features that allow players to play soccer from various positions, from goalkeeper to attacker. In FIFA 2020 there is a new mode called Volta, where players can buy two games at one price. That way, players can play street football mode 3 vs 3 with a small goal and futsal 5 vs 5.

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3. Football Manager 2020

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FM or Football Manager is included in one of the best PC soccer games. Because Football Manager 2020 has significant graphics compared to the previous version. Therefore, the appearance of the characters as well as the appearance of the club stadium is becoming more realistic and better. Moreover, in the stadium lighting and also the weather, the visuals are so sharp that it feels so real.

In Football Manager 2020, players can create missions for up to five seasons. This is very interesting because in the previous version, players could only create training missions for one season. The new feature in Football Manager 2020 is a development center where players can see the development of young players at the club they are playing.

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That way, players can help the Football Manager 2020 wonderkids reach their best potential in the academy they are playing. In addition, there is also a Code of Conduct feature where players can issue strict laws against players who do not follow the rules. That way, players are more disciplined in applying the rules they make.

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4. Lords of Football

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For those who enjoy playing The Sims, this might be the soccer version of The Sims. That way, players in this game don’t just manage how to strategy and score goals. However, players can also manage the personal life of a soccer player, such as playing the character The Sims.

For example, players must be able to make these characters play nicely in match matches so they can party. Then, if the soccer club wins, the soccer players will get a reward for upgrading their soccer skills.

In one game, players can control the life of each player so that this PC game is very exciting to play. Then, players can also determine the fate of the care club as a whole through this Lord of Football game. So, the success or destruction of a football club will be determined by the players, interested in playing it?

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5. Top Eleven

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Almost the same as Football Manager, Top Eleven also provides opportunities for players who want to try to become a soccer manager. Top eleven is the best PC soccer game because it is included in the top ten sports games in England, Germany, France, Italy and 80 other countries.

In addition to training soccer players, players of this game can also set strategies so that the club they play becomes superior and also improves the stadium. When you want to start a big match, players can change the strategy on the fly ( spectating ) so they can win the game.

Players can recruit, train, and also manage football clubs to go through various competitions, such as the Champions League and Super League competitions. In fact, players can also take part in live events and challenges from Top Eleven. Play this game and collect exclusive items to help players win various competitions.

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6. FootLOL: Epic Fail League

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This is the best PC soccer game for gamers who like both silly and quirky things. The reason is, FootLOL: Epic Fail league is a soccer game that is deliberately designed so that players don’t just focus on scoring goals. Players can attack opponents with hilarious powers, such as fires, planes, and missiles.

That way, the opponent will be weak and players can easily score goals. In fact, the funny thing is that in this game, players can take out a horde of cows to prevent opponents from breaking into the goal.

This eccentric and hilarious concept certainly keeps the players entertained but is still fun to play. If you are interested in playing it on PC, you can download this game on Steam. The price is affordable, with only US$ 10 you can play this hilarious soccer game.

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7. Soccer Rage

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Want to play a soccer game on a PC that is bar-free and rules-free? Try soccer rage, the best and unique PC soccer game. In this game, players are not faced with various rules that apply when playing soccer in general. That way, players can freely play soccer without any rules.

In fact, the player characters in this game can freely hit and kick other players’ characters to score goals. So, even if the opposing player’s character gets badly injured, the player will not be subject to a yellow or red card. The reason is, in this game, players are required to injure their opponents so that they leave the playing field.

The number of player characters that must be issued is seven. However, players are not only tasked with removing opposing players but also have to score as many goals as possible. Another uniqueness is that the player character will wear colorful costumes like a superhero.

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8. Rocket League

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Who wants to try playing both a car game and a soccer game? Rocket League allows players to play soccer by driving a car or you could say as a soccer game between cars. So, playing football is not a person like playing soccer in general, but a car.

In fact, the cars can not only kick but also fly and maneuver. In Rocket League there are several modes to choose from, namely 3 vs 3, 1 vs 1, 4 vs 4, and 5 vs 5. Rocket League is the best and unique PC soccer game because players can choose the car they like.

In addition, players also have the opportunity to modify the car to make it cooler and have its own strengths. If you win a game, players will get several items to upgrade the car. If you are interested in playing this game, you can download it on the official website. Apart from playing on PC, players can also play Rocket League on PS4.

9. Super Arcade Football

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As the name implies, Super Arcade Football is an arcade based soccer game. Therefore, it is not surprising that this one soccer game features a simple and retro appearance. In fact, in this game, there are elements of slow-mo-banana-bending-technology that are not found in other soccer games.

That way, game players can see kicks with slow motion effects that spoil the eye. The game developed by Out of The Bit is not only played single player but can also be multiplayer with a maximum of four people. Players can experience playing football in various world competitions, such as the Euro Cup and the World Cup.

To be able to play this game is also quite cheap, which is only IDR 70,000. Players can download the Super Arcade Football game on the official website. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Super Arcade Football is one of the best PC soccer games that can be played.

10. Sociable Soccer

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This is the best PC soccer game by Jon Hare. Sociable Soccer has interesting visuals because players will see retro visuals typical of the 90s. That way, players can reminisce playing this one soccer game. This one game is perfect if you have previously played Sensible World of Soccer.

Players will love this game because Sociable Soccer has many international clubs as well as national teams from many countries. Apart from that, this game also has a twenty-year player career mode which is even more exciting when played. Players can also edit clubs in this game and players are free to create their own football club.


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That’s an interesting review of 10 recommendations for the best PC soccer games that can be played to accompany your spare time. The author’s message is that you need to be careful when looking for soccer games on the internet. Because at this time, quite a lot of ball games have emerged that lead to gambling. There are many football bookies sites that offer money betting games.

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Rules of Playing Poker that You Must Know

To understand how poker rules are not difficult. That means poker can be learned or played by anyone. Playing poker can be a way to entertain yourself when you are busy because your activities are too busy. However, not a few people are addicted to playing this game.

Of course, we don’t want you to become a poker game addict and spend more of your time just playing this game. You have to be wise and able to control the time when to play poker and when to do other activities.

Rules of Playing Poker that You Must Know

Rules of Playing Poker that You Must Know

For those who are curious to feel the excitement of playing poker, below we will explain the rules of the game. That way, you can play this game properly and maybe you can beat your opponent.

• Poker is a card game played by 2 to 9 people

• Here you will fight against fellow players and not bookies against players

• Keep in mind that poker is a game that has no duration of time

• A winner will be determined based on a card combination where there are 2 card combinations in the hand and 5 community cards

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• The flow of poker game clockwise and starting from a dealer

• In poker, there will be people who will act as the small blind, the dealer and the big blind

• Players must buy the jackpot first before the cards are dealt

• For the Full House jackpot prize obtained is 10x the value of the jackpot that has been purchased

• The jackpot prize for Four of Kind is 250x the value of the jackpot purchased

• The jackpot prize for Straight Flush is 1200x the value of the jackpot purchased

• Meanwhile, the jackpot prize from Royal Flush is 10,000x the value of the jackpot that has been purchased

• Then the jackpot prize from Super Royal Flash is 30,000x the value of the jackpot that has been purchased

You have already known the rules of playing poker. Now, you can play poker and try to win the game. For more information about betting, you can visit daftar sumseltoto site.

Horse Betting Tips For Amateurs

Horse racing is perhaps one of the most exciting sports to bet on. The control of the horse was excellent, and the situation was emphasized by the pace. Horse Betting Tips is a sequence of horse movements in a race.

This distance is 70% of the total race distance. Therefore, if you bet on a horse that has gone out of speed, you will be sure to claim some prizes.

Amateur bettors may bet on many different types of horses. However, care must be taken to ensure that the horse you are betting on has no defects or injuries.

One of the horse betting tips is to go to a race track and if a horse is having an unrelated operation it can be changed for the next race. During a race, a jockey needs to change or place his horse in a different position.

Amateur bettors sometimes suffer from information overload. They fail to focus and become overwhelmed by the thoughts and information gathered from the various horses.

They should gather as much information as possible about the live horses and the horses on the trail as well. Charges, injuries, and changes to horses are common.

Several Data Sets on Horse Betting Tips that Must Be Adhered to

Horse Betting Tips

Gather the necessary data before you place your bet, and don’t change your mind once you start betting. This can be the difference between a winning and losing bet.

Important information related to track races and even other horses can be gathered during the day. Go to the start of the race and animal. Try to position yourself in front of animal number one. With these horse betting tips you can give yourself pertinent information about progress in the race.

If you happen to be on a race track, you can observe the action regarding horses playing in the races. During this time, you can also watch the related live action online. There is an increase in knowledge that you will need to gather before betting on a particular animal.

Jockeys who are involved in various game races use strategies that are developed in-house based on experience, track conditions and other related factors. If you want to also collect information regarding the selected jockey.

You can ask questions during the morning session of the race. This question is very important because the real personalities of the jockeys are very close to the people behind the race. If the jockey has a bad personality, maybe the race will lose. You can collect this information from various players.

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Compulsively supervise all horses during the race. If you see a horse that hasn’t shown its full potential in a race it would be a judi bola that it will run low. You might bet that the horse has low odds in the game.

  • Do not bet on horses that have lost in previous races.
  • Do not bet on horses which have a more than 15 percent chance of winning in an event.