Football Manager 2020 - Pilihan Game PC Terbaik

Football Manager 2020, One of the Best PC Games

Overcoming boredom of monotonous soccer game play, or feeling bored to pit your skills by becoming a soccer player team. The answer is Football Manager 2020. Especially for gamers who like to play PC games, this game is the best PC soccer game .

Not without reason this game is said to be the best. Several factors deserve to make this game the best, or even the dream game that gamers have been looking for. Therefore, you should find out more information about the game.

For gamers, of course, want a more challenging level of play in a game. Therefore, this game deserves to be an option. Especially gamers who like soccer genre games specifically for PC.

Detail Tentang Football Manager 2020

Football manager 2020 is a simulation game to become a football team manager. This game is published by Sega, a game company from Japan. The developer is Sport Interactive,  as a game development company, where this company is still in the same management with the Sega company.

Football manager itself has been released since 2004, which launched Football Manager 2005. Meanwhile, Football Manager 2020 was released in 2019 to cater to the tastes of fans of more challenging football games.

Before being published by Sega, this game was called Championship Manager,  which was launched in 1992. The first publisher of this game was named Eidos Interactive . However, the publisher experienced a termination of its partnership with Sport interactive. Therefore, the developer decided to join Sega.

Sport Interactive collaborates with Sega as the publisher of this game because Sega himself has produced many very interesting and challenging games to play. In fact, his achievements have been worldwide, with many publishing games that are in great demand by many people.

Based on this, this game has game characteristics that were born by Sega games in general. Both in terms of images, sound, and color combinations. Of course, with the latest Japanese technology, as has become the standard for the Japanese game publishing company.

The latest addition in Football Manager 2020

There are a few new days of this game, which makes it even more interesting and worth it for gamers to download and play immediately .   Of course, it will provide a more lively and enjoyable gaming experience. These new things include:

1. Graphics

Following the development of 3-dimensional graphic animation that is currently being hit. This game also revitalizes in terms of graphics with the latest appearance. Not only that, sound support and system configuration were also updated so that the game was more lively and real.

The graphic display is more alive and real, making this game worth downloading. The reason is, this game will provide a pleasant gaming experience by seeing the appearance that looks real, which seems to attract the imagination of players to play in a more real match.

2. Features

This game has the latest features, namely the VAR ( Video Assistant Referee) feature , Staff Assistance Manager, Playing Time Pathway. This new feature provides support for more challenging games, and can be used as an arena for discussion with other gamers .

A selection of new features will make it easier for new football managers to strategize. This feature is like an assistant manager in a football game in virtual form.

3. The existence of the German League

This game already has a license to present the German league in its newest game. Thus, for Bayern Munich fans, this is quite encouraging news. The game becomes more exciting because it is supported by your favorite team.

Playing the German league has its own sensation of pleasure for its fans. Although there are not many who make this league one of the favorite leagues in football games. Therefore, the presence of the German league in this game is a breath of fresh air.

4. Catalan National Team

Catalan is the name of the national football team from Spain. This national team is predicted to want to be independent. Therefore, it is very easy for this game to have this team license. Thus, for aspiring new football managers it will be easy to play team football with Sergio Busquets, Iniesta, Jordi Albert, who hails from the Catalan team.

To try out his abilities independently. This national team joined the game with the big name of the founding team. That is why this team is a team that deserves to be relied on, given the number of players who are potential enough to become the top team players.

5. Girls Club

The newest and certainly more exciting thing in Football Manager 2020 is the existence of a women’s team club. This club is different than the others, it’s just that, as a football team manager you have to be very good at managing this club because it is different from the general.

In some countries, women’s football matches have been held for a long time. Although, some other countries still feel that they are not too familiar. Carrying this uniqueness, this game is very challenging to download on PC. Especially for football managers who want to try something new.

By looking at some of the latest things in Football Manager 2020, it’s a pity for gamers not to choose and download the game. The reason is, to become a professional gamer you have to try out all the new things in the world of gaming.

Being a professional gamer can be a profession. Therefore, it is important to know more about everything that is new in the game world, to add scientific references to win the game.

How to Download on PC

Downloading Football Manager 2020 for PC is fairly easy. Moreover, this game is also available on Steam. Steam is like the playstore or mobile app store Every gamer is free to try the game they want. Or you can also download the link here .

After downloading the game, go through the installation process which will take only 30 minutes – 60 minutes, depending on your internet connection. The reason is, downloading this game requires a good and smooth internet connection, so that lagging does not occur .

Lagging in the download process is a download process that does not run perfectly, resulting in the image being displayed cannot be displayed in full. Not only that, from a sound point of view it will sound halting.

To avoid lagging , make sure to always check the internet connection and also the PC specifications that support the game. This game requires a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. Make sure the RAM is available on the PC where the download process will be carried out.

It is also important to know, Football manager 2020 is a paid game. This game is made free by the developer, for the past few weeks. Precisely on March 18-25, 2020, during the Corona virus quarantine period.

This game is the best for PC because of the many things that are new in the Feature update and also some of the looks. The developers and publishers of this game have gone to great lengths to bring this game to the fore in the interests and tastes of soccer gamers for PC.

The right choice for gamers to choose Football Manager 2020. The reason is, this game is not just a game to fill spare time. This game can also be used as a forum for discussion, especially with gamers who like soccer games for PC. Thus, knowledge can be shared with each other.

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