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FIFA 2020 Football Game is Said To Be One of The Best PC Game

FIFA 2020 is now available in the PC version. This splashy game that shocked many fans of soccer games, began to expand its reach to the PC port. To enjoy the thrill of playing this game.

Not many people have the PS4 platform to play FIFA 20. So PC games are the right choice. In particular, for fans of FIFA 2020 who don’t have expensive platforms like PS4, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 2020 can be said to be the Best PC Football Game .

This article will discuss the specifications needed to play FIFA 2020 along with a review of this game. Let’s look at the origin of this game first.

The making of FIFA 2020

FIFA 2020 was created by a game company called EA with the name Electronic Arts stands for. EA has made many famous games such as The Sims series, simulating domestic life. Car racing games like Need For Speed ​​are also well-known games favored by many fans of luxury cars.

Funny and unique games like Plants VS Zombies are also one of EA’s popular games. Battlefield, which is a favorite game for hardcore gamers, is also popular, rivaling FPS (First Person shooter) games such as Call of Duty and other shooter games . FIFA 2020 was released on September 24, 2019.

As before, the 2020 FIFA game also has updated gameplay and graphics. With a realistic and fresh environment for FIFA 20 fans.

The making of this game uses the Frostbite Engine, just like its predecessor. Of course, with a new mechanic that attracts FIFA fans. Well, first consider the PC specifications to play EA’s latest FIFA game.

FIFA 20 Download Place

FIFA 20 can be obtained via the origins website. This origins website will offer players a paid package for new players who want to play this game. This game can also be obtained via Tokopedia, where players can get the offline version of FIFA 20.

FIFA 2020 PC specifications

The specifications of this game are high and require a large amount of RAM. Gamers who want to play this game must have a minimum of 8 RAM so that the game can run without a hitch. Apart from RAM, another factor is the PC memory itself.

The graphics are realistic and fresh, making this game requires a lot of RAM and PC memory. This game requires up to 50 GB of free memory. So PC players have to calibrate their PCs to match the specifications of this 2020 version of FIFA.

Gameplay FIFA 2020

This game competes with the PES 2020 game, which shows off the e-Football feature, now FIFA provides a variety of new features that are different from its predecessor. FIFA 20’s intense competition with the football game PES 2020 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2020) is already quite well known among fans and has been named one of the best PC soccer games. The competition between the two games is also caused by the exclusive license for the Juventus license in the PES 2020 game.

Gameplay is the main component in every game, be it action games, RPGs, or sports games like PES and FIFA. Well, if this gameplay is not all players are suitable and can adjust to the gameplay given. Many fans of FIFA and PES fans are at odds over the uniqueness of one another’s gameplay .

Both games have the same game genre with unique gameplay that differentiates one game from another. Of course, graphics and specifications can also determine whether a game is good. 

FIFA changes 20

FIFA 2020 has many developments, this can be seen from a new feature that attracts FIFA fans to stick like bees to honey. FIFA’s gameplay is more or less consistent with previous games, namely clever AI skills in defending from opponent attacks, shooting accuracy, and crossing balls.

Gameplay changes that can be seen clearly from the start is the setting of the free kick angle in FIFA 20. This time in FIFA 20, this time the player can adjust the AI ​​foot position of the soccer player so that the game player can determine the rotation of the ball which can be more controlled by the player himself.

Unlike FIFA 2019, FIFA 20 does not have the skills or abilities where players can outwit their opponents which can be done continuously. This proves that EA began to develop AI NPC enemies more wary than when FIFA 19.

Using the ability to outwit your opponent at the wrong moment can disrupt the momentum of the soccer game. Due to the development of AI, FIFA 20’s gameplay seems to be slower than the previous game. However, it still brings an element of fun and excitement to this gameplay change .

Even so, the gameplay of FIFA 20 is faster than PES 20. So FIFA 20 players can do more fun and fun action in the game.

Game Modes and Features

FIFA 20 now provides an attractive game mode to make matches more exciting and fun, while maintaining the consistency of the game with its predecessor games. Modes like FIFA Ultimate Team make FIFA fans addicted and thirsty for victory.

Of course EA does not only add these new features, other features such as Volta mode are suitable for fans of FIFA players who want to reminisce about the FIFA Street PS2 game .

Graphic FIFA 20

The graphics of FIFA 20 have experienced many developments compared to its predecessor FIFA games. Observing game graphics is easier than looking at gameplay , even the majority of game players must pay attention to the graphics first, then the gameplay for the final decision whether the game they play is according to their tastes or not.

Games like PES 2020, which are competing with the flagship football game EA FIFA 2020, also have many advantages in their graphics, but unfortunately the graphics on PES 20 are not evenly distributed. PES 2020 only focuses with detailed graphics on licensed teams. But what makes PES 20 outperform FIFA 20 is the lighting aspect of the stadium, both from its light and shadow play.

No less than PES 2020, FIFA 20 also provides graphic quality that is more even and harmonious than PES 20 which likes to be picky. The biggest drawback of PES 20 is the quality of graphics that are not harmonious and evenly distributed throughout the football team. Because PES 2020 only focuses on the licensed team they have. Of course, this makes FIFA 20 more respected by players who do not favoritism the team.

Team License

Football team licenses owned by FIFA 20 are very diverse (except for Juventus). PES 2020 has licenses for major teams, such as Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Arsenal.

It is this license that determines the quality of PES 2020 graphics, they focus on the graphics of their licensed team and do not detail the rest of the team. This certainly makes FIFA 20 superior to PES 20. In addition, the FIFA 20 license is more complete than its PES 20 competitors.

Because of the completeness of the FIFA license, of course the football players of each team can show the uniqueness and detail of the different original uniform attributes.

Well, here is a detailed article about the specifications of FIFA 2020 along with the interesting features provided by FIFA 20 which is able to attract the attention of football fans from ancient times until now. Hopefully this article can help game players who are confused about the advantages of FIFA 20 which has captured the hearts of many football fans.

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