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Domino Playing Formula, Winning Accuracy Up to 90%

The discussion about online domino games is endless. There are just interesting topics to continue discussing. Call it a matter of tricks to win online domino games with an accuracy rate of more than 90%.

It is not easy to win a game that is inspired by the domino card game. Of course, it takes skill and mature strategy to be a winner in this online domino game.

So, is there a special trick to win easily? Here we will share the formula for playing dominoes. Must see yes. 

Dominoes Playing Formulas

Most online domino game lovers share information that there are quite a number of domino playing formulas that both beginners and old players can try.

In addition to knowing some formulas, especially basic formulas, you must also be good at calculating. And remember, be careful in counting.

Pay attention to the cards you hold and the cards belonging to your opponent. Start doing an analysis of how many chances of winning and losing you might experience. 

Domino Playing Strategy Strategi

Basically a domino game is a game of throwing cards and stringing cards to achieve victory.

From the arrangement of cards in the opposing players, it can actually make it a gap for us to analyze the cards of our opponents. Of course, we must master this trick because this trick is part of the domino playing formula.

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How to Play Domino Game Online

Basically, how to play domino games online is quite easy.

“All it takes is one, namely accuracy .”

The game will start with a session of distributing a set of dominoes. One set of cards in one round of the game is 8 cards for 4 players. Later, there will be one player who only gets 7 cards because one card is open on the domino table.

The other players then take turns issuing cards with the same value as the value of the last card exposed.

The player who manages to spend the cards first is the winner.

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Rules of Playing Domino Online Game


Remember, throwing cards on a domino table still has its rules. This rule also applies to conventional domino games that we usually encounter in most land-based casinos.

So, what are the rules of the game? For the number of players, online domino games can only be played by 4 players. This amount is the maximum amount; less than 4 players are legit. 

Oh yes, there are rules that are quite interesting. No player may have a balak card. Balak cards are dominoes with both sides having the same number, aka twin numbers.

If in one round of the game there is only one player who has a log card, that player is considered a loser. Why is that? Because this kind of game feels very unfair. 

Then if there are no more players discarding cards because there are no cards that need to be wasted. Then, the player can say ‘pass’.

Well, if all players have no cards that can be discarded, the game can no longer continue.

This situation became known as ‘ gapleh ‘. 

Winner Determination

Then to determine a winner, the player with the least card value is entitled to be the winner. It looks easy, but it’s actually not that easy.

There are tricks or formulas for playing dominoes that are quite effective. For example, by discarding the cards of great value first.

But there is one type of card that is a priority to be discarded. The card we mean is the balak card (twin numbers). Moreover, log cards are of great value. 

Have a nice play!