Is Betting a Sin in

Is Betting a Sin in The Christian Religion? What is the reason?

There are many debates on whether or not is betting a sin in the Christian religion. Well the truth is, the answer is not that simple after all. There is no mention of gambling at all in the Bible. Although there are not much mentions, the history kind of says a lot about gambling.

There are so many traces of gambling in the world history. Even Christians or other types of characters are seen as gamblers. But most of them are compulsive gamblers in which they have gambling disorders. That is why their actions can be categorized as the actions of sinners.

On the other hand, gambling is also seen as a form of entertainment. In which moderate amount of gambling frequencies can be considered as okay. You can still gamble and it might not still count as sinning at all.

Today, we will see different perspectives that are based from different verses. These verses from the bible will surely explain to you. So now you know whether or not is gambling a sin in the Christian religion.

Gambling According to The Bible

The bible kind of mentions a lot of things about your priorities as well as money. A person that is too focused on getting money will have a weaker bond to God. Because the truth is, everyone should put God first above everything else.

And this verse in itself is not only applicable to gamlbing. But instead even non gamblers can be related to this type of verse. Anyone can be too attached to a hobby, job, or even action. To the point where they forget God. This is where the verses and the Bible comes in.

The Bible literally says nothing about the word of gambling. This is because gambling was not really popular back then.

Instead people were still drinking, and there were other concerning things related to money. Such as debt collectors and so much more.

There is a specific verse in which it says a person is not allowed to benefit from others. This is seen from Epiphany 4:28. In this verse, you need to work as an honest person.

You need to pay people the way they work fairly and you need to be paid to do so. Hence there is a balance between the person doing the job and you.

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Verses from The Bible About Is Betting a Sin in The Christian Religion

On top of that there are also many types of verses that talks about gambling in Christianity. First of all, there is the verse taken from Colossians 3:23. In this verse, there was a phrase mentioned by Paul.

Paul said that a work that you are doing must be done wholeheartedly. You need to do a job in which it involves God. The line of job or the activities that you do in itself must reflect that you are a disciple of God.

By gambling, this shows that you are doing a job of man. Doing a job for a man instead of doing it in God’s name is a bad thing. Because you when you do this, you will not get the rewards from God. God will give you inheritance if you prioritizes him first.

God also mentioned a few things about who you serve. Things in this world is mostly materialistic. And the only spiritual as well as something that will last forever is your relationship with God. When you are too addicted with gambling.

This turns you into a person that serves gambling as its master. Anything that you put too much above God is considered as a sin. Because you are serving more than one master.

Should You Be Allowed to Gamble?

As christians, this would be a very common question. Because gambling is something that is very tempting. You want to try it for the first time. And eventually you become addicted to it. Gambling itself gives a sensastion to everyone. Especially when you get lucky and you win.

Whereas if a person loses their money, what they are going to do is beyond anything imaginable. People get too desperate because they need fuel to gamble. And that fuel is called money. Money of course will always be limited. Because if it is unlimited, then people would not even bother gambling at all.

Due to this, gambling should be done in a very responsible manner. Do not over bet or do not be triggered. When you get triggered emotionally, it is way harder to control anything that you feel. This is quite dangerous especially if you are going to handle a lot of money.

A person can go all in and lose everything in a blink of an eye. That is why gambling is a very dangerous thing if not done moderately. What we define as moderate may be different to many people.

How to Gamble Moderately Without Sinning

You need to see gambling as form of entertainment instead of making a bunch of money. Just see it as going to the theaters. When you go to a theater, your sole purpose is to spend some time.

Without doing anything that is harmful such as spending too much money. Spending too much money will turn you into a materialistic

To gamble moderately, put in the money that you are ready to lose. Do NOT spend a significant amount of money. And do not do it oftenly. Because doing something too often can lead to you being addicted. Just gamble and spend  a bit of money for your excitement.

Also realize that you need to avoid other things such as alcohol. Alcohol consumption may turn you into an alcoholic. That is why most or even a majority of gamblers are considered as drinkers.

That is all on is betting a sin in Christian religion. We hope this article has done its purpose by answering any question that you have hoped for its answers.


The growth of the gambling industry is currently developing quite rapidly. Internet technology makes things easier. Anyone can play gambling by accessing online gambling sites on their mobile phone.

In many cases, gambling tends to make the perpetrator addicted. And this allows for bad repercussions. Good for gamblers and people around them. And anything that has a negatif impact should be avoided.