Kecanduan poker online dan gambaran negatif yang akan menghantui

Bet on Online Poker Gambling, Are You Sure to Win?

Now the internet and technology are developing quite rapidly. So that various sectors of life are affected, such as entertainment, education, news, health, and others. One of the most prominent is community entertainment such as gambling online poker games.

In fact, many people are tempted to get rich and get big profits after playing poker. Moreover, the advertisements scattered on the internet with the title “This young man got rich overnight this way” are increasingly encouraging someone to gamble situs judi online. Instead of panning for gold, you experience defeat so that you are in debt and the family falls apart.

The same is experienced by Surya, a 24 year old young man who is still single and has just entered the world of work. Initially Surya’s life was fine so that he could not let go of watching social media. His days are spent playing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

At one point, Surya was jealous of the fate of his friends who brought a luxury sports car that his parents gave him. Wanted to ask his mother and father but couldn’t. This is because Surya’s parents in the village live just barely enough. The lust to be rich also enveloped him until he was carried away by dreams.

When opening Google, wanting to do his daily job, Surya accidentally read the article “Unemployed Men Make 100 Million Per Hour”. It turns out that the contents of the article promote online poker games. Since then Surya became interested and started playing poker games.

For the first time playing Surya, he bought a deposit with a cheap package. Surya is impatient and wants to win, but always loses in poker games. In fact, a bet of 3 million was lost because of his ambition to win and was jealous of his co-star.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a month for Surya playing online poker every day. Na’asnya not the profit obtained, instead we are in debt of around 80 million. Now Surya has to work hard to pay off all his debts borrowed from banks, moneylenders, work friends, and family. Want to steal and cheat but mentally Surya doesn’t dare. In the end he had to lament the bad luck he had created himself.

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Do this When Playing Online Poker Games

Playing poker is not only about big capital. You need calm until the strategy is mature to win. Apart from that, there is no need to rush if you don’t want to go bankrupt, like Surya’s experience. There are several things that can be applied when playing game slot online.

1. Play in Serenity

Calmness is the main key to making a game strategy to win. Remember online poker is not like playing gambling face to face. Besides that, don’t be impetuous or nervous when your opponent wins continuously.

The poker player must apply a slow pass but not the plate. Enjoy the atmosphere of the room and the air that comes out of the nose to make it calm. Then choose small values ​​and small stakes. When it has passed, there is nothing wrong with increasing the bet value.

2. Learn From Experience

No poker player has the luck of winning consecutive wins except for cheating. If you are in the pass position then learn about the mistakes made. Many people underestimate or forget the state of the pass when winning.

So that when you bet bigger you lose. Professional poker players prefer to lose early in the game. Besides being able to learn from experience, they also have the opportunity to see their opponent’s strategy. It’s those actions that create the big win at the end of the game.

3. Applying the Bluffing System

Playing poker doesn’t just require a smart strategy. There are also special tricks used to win the game. This trick is known in situs judi online poker games as the bluffing game system.

The bluffing game system is different from other slot online gambling games. In order to run perfectly requires mental courage from the players because not everyone dares to use it.

Professional gamblers bluff all in even though they don’t have a card combination. Meanwhile, other players choose to fold because they think the cards they get are not quite right. As a result, the bluffing system makes it easier for players to win.

4. Perform the Analysis

Finally, the most important thing is to analyze and create a special strategy. Poker gambling games like mathematics must be observant and the calculations are precise. Card analysis makes the game more relaxed without fear of losing.

The analysis must also be accompanied by a mature strategy. Because your opponent may have special playing tricks. Also pay attention to the time to analyze must be fast but precise. Combining analysis and playing strategy makes it easy for you to get gradual wins.

Beware of the Dangers of Playing Online Poker Games

The dangers of playing gambling are still equated with using drugs. Therefore must be careful not to get addicted. Especially for those of you who are beginners, don’t try to play online poker without proper preparation.

Judging from the case of Surya, who was caught in debt of around 80 million, it is certain that he is not playing smart and is carried away by the desire to win.

Playing good poker needs to be calm so that your opponent can’t read your movements. Besides, don’t place big bets if you often lose. This actually makes you lose money. When you experience defeat, don’t give up and create capital limits in playing.

Online poker games are a pity to miss. However, you also have to be aware of the bad effects. For example, being lazy, experiencing health and psychological problems, getting into debt, disappointing your family, and committing crimes. In essence, something to be excessive is not as good as playing an online poker game excessively.