Psycho-Pass: Dystopian future of IoT

This about the story, the creation of people imagination which takes place in dystopian future when people completely relying upon IoT. Somehow, we couldn’t take aside people imagination that has come in the movies. At some point, those imaginations become true, especially if it is about technology and the internet.

We know those examples from movies that familiar for us, such as technology in Iron Man movie for his suit and Jervis. You could buy the Jet Pack “Iron Man” in London, and Jervis is also part of Smart Home. Some technologies nowadays also inspired by Doraemon from Japan animation!

Then what about Psycho-Pass? Psycho-Pass is an animation TV-series that tells about the future which full of technology equipped with the Internet. However, it shows how society is worn out because of technology along with IoT. That’s why, we also couldn’t take aside the possibilities of the Dystopian future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Those imaginations alone are enough to warn us how frightening IoT can be.

Psycho-Pass: Dystopian future of IoT
Psycho-Pass depicts the possibility of IoT dystopian future.

Psycho-Pass review

The story takes place far in future Japan when technology becomes so advanced and has integrated into daily life. That advanced technology, therefore, could give what many people dream for, a utopia society. Actually, thanks to technology, Japan becomes the only place on the planet that provides peace to its people. Yeah, at the moment, when most of the place on the planet fall into chaos, Japan could control its society to maintain its welfare.

The result of the technology is the Sibyl System. The system has the ability to dictate the lives of Japan’s citizen. The system at first is to monitor a person mental-health through modern and advanced devices connecting with the internet. Yet, the accuracy of the system is able to predict more than it used to, which is the future course of a person’s life.

On the surface, the Sibyl System is nothing but a benefit to society. It is a perfect system that could lead people into utopia society. Although, the dark secret behind this system is beyond the imagination of society. Behind the Sibyl System, there are a lot of people who leave and take control of the system. They leave as a brain alone without a body. As a group of people who evaluates other people, several errors could occur. As a system, they dispose of those errors and make it right as they believe. Consequently, they limit the best capabilities of a person and label it as a criminal. As the criminal regarding the system, it means death or isolation.

Everything in that society, people or objects, adjusted by the device which connects to the system. Wherever it is, there is the only system that will judge them and it is the Sibyl System.

Psycho-Pass Technology

We might not know but the technology in Psycho-Pass related to the found technology recently. Below is the technology in Psycho-Pass that you familiar with:

Psycho-Pass Technology
Smartwatch connecting with the internet for video call, voice call, receiving email and a lot of information. Photo taken from Draggle’s Anime Blog
Psycho-Pass Technology
Smarthome equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Photo taken from suntzuanime
A program that could monitor a person mental health
A program that could monitor a person mental health. Photo taken

The impact of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

Nowadays, IoT or the Internet of Things becomes part of this modern technology era that couldn’t be apart from people. This is the result of the convenience that IoT gives to us. Keeping that in mind, IoT also could facilitate people in the Healthcare Industry.

Technology becomes more advanced as the time goes by, and IoT is following those changes IoT as well. Then just like people know, IoT indeed facilitates people in their daily life. Regarding its benefits, IoT expands its usefulness in many fields. You can tell any field that has already applied this concept of Internet of Things. Let’s say like in the business industry, the education industry, and furthermore healthcare industry.

IoT in Healthcare

IoT connecting anything in Healthcare Industry to facilitate patients and people who work in this industry. Photo taken from UBUNTUPIT

The cost in the healthcare sector, as well as its complexity, is rapidly increased these past decades, however, the developments of IoT in healthcare industry lie a lot of potentials. It centers in the potential of the concept for IoT-driven telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM). Both concepts could provide patients with the same quality in the home as in the hospital. With lower cost and the facility to control patient remotely, it certainly gives impacts to the healthcare industry.

Realize the IoT potential, most of the company specialised in healthcare and technology give such a big investment in IoT. Nowadays, there are a lot of devices that could connect into each other which is the basis of IoT, it applies to healthcare devices as well.

Takes examples from the ideas of IoT in the healthcare industry like X-Ray machines connecting with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to control and monitoring patient, or for small healthcare technology devices like Hearing Aid connecting with Internet and smartwatches for mental health. IoT also could help health practitioners to easily manage their works with such as Hospital Operations Management or Remote Patient Monitoring which provides time efficiency for health practitioners to monitor their patient with having a less face-to-face consultation.


Risks that IoT could bring in the Healthcare Industry. Photo taken from TheIoTMagazine

However, we have to consider the challenges in IoT when it comes to the healthcare industry. The most challenge for using IoT is its security, the basic problem that comes from IoT. Experts are ongoing to strengthen the security of IoT in order to securely collect, manage and store the data in this sector. This is the purpose of IoT to secure the data from hacking and leaking such confidential information.

Because, when the security is not good enough, all the private data of the patient could be lost and in the worse case could be used for the irresponsible purpose. In addition, the unsupport system within IoT could also lead to the failure of the device during the proses of patient treatment, which could bring harm to the patient.

Thus, all above are the possibilities that IoT could give in the Healthcare industry with the impact within. The ideas would be near in the future following the quick transformation of technology nowadays. So, are you excited with IoT in the healthcare industry?

the Possibilities of 5G Network in Indonesia

Are you currently using the 4G network for your phone? or maybe you are familiar with the term of LTE which stands for Long Term Evolution instead? Then how about 5G network? What are the possibilities of 5G Network that it could give in the future?

The 4G network is already popular as the mobile network in Indonesia with its high speed of the network. Then, when the 5G network came out, what the possibilities of 5G that could beat the popularity of 4G with its high-speed network? well, it possibles if it could provide you with any other convenience in this modern era?

What is 5G?

As the fifth generation of network, 5G takes a much larger role than any previous generations. Therefore, the 5G network could upgrade the mobile network and connecting the smartphone with any other devices. It could upgrade the users’ performance and efficiency as well. The 5G network could also provide a new experience for the user which connecting them to the new level of the industry.

When is 5G coming out in Indonesia?

the possibilities that lie for 5G network in Indonesia. Photo taken from NETWORKWORLD

According to Ririek Adriansya, the chairman of the Indonesian Cellular Operator (ATSI), which stated in TheJakartaPost, “We’ll be able to implement 5G services no later than 2022.”

However, local cellular operators have run the 5G network trials since 2017 but limited for industrial use rather than for commercial users. The trial for industrial use is expected to conduct until next year. Even so, ATSI aims to hold frequency action next year to prepare the 5G network in 2022.

Ririek understands that Indonesia has different consumer characteristics from any other countries. Those differences show that Indonesia does yet reach the level of consumption like those countries. The level of consumption for the 5G network in Indonesia is more suit for business and industrial use.

Furthermore, it needs synchronization between central and regional government to facilitate 5G infrastructure. It is an important point for using the 5G network capabilities to the fullest when 5G apply in society.

The benefits that might come from 5G

We could say 5G is the arm of the Internet of Things especially, it could expand the mobile network to support any kind of devices and services. It truly could improve performance, efficiency, and cost of the users. It also could broaden the range of industries and connecting what at the beginning is hard to connect. In addition, it also could dominate the market place when there are high demands for using the 5G network due to supporting the usage of devices that need this network.

The evolution of the network generation along with the possibilities from using 5G counter on 2020. Photo taken from Northest Now

Who knows when the time goes on the function of 5G would support the technology within the society an create a future that we usually saw on science fiction movies.


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Popular wristwatch: Smartwatch gives you benefits

Smartwatch recently becomes popular nowadays. Not only to show the current time but Smartwatch also gives you a lot of benefits at once. Scrolled down to find more about Smartwatch.

Maybe some of you are unfamiliar with this device, even this device called Smartwatch is popular nowadays. As part of the internet of things, the smartwatch is bravely standing along with any other smart devices, like the smartphone in your hand. For you who not familiar with this device, let’s find out together about Smartwatch and its benefits for you.

What you need to know about Smartwatch

Smartwatch, a portable device which forms like a wirtswatch could give you a of benefits only on thtough your wirst. Photo take from HeatlhTech

Smartwatch is a portable device which is designed like a wristwatch and could be worn on a wrist. The popular smartwatch uses a touchscreen for the user to operate the device and it could offer several apps carried from the device itself. The existence of this device is to encourage people to use a mini portable computer on their wrists.

Most of the smartwatch becomes a wireless Bluetooth adaptor to connect with user smartphone. That is why through the smartwatch, we could have control over the smartphone without taking our phone out of pocket. Consequently, it gives you some benefits for efficiency with Smartwatch is on the wrist.

Benefits of using the Smartwatch

Because of the Smartwatch capabilities to connect with your smartphone, you could receive calls and replay message instantly with only to a glance to your wrists. You even can get notifications from social media immediately. Some smartwatch also provides voice support so it will be more efficient to give command through your voice instead.

In addition, Smartwatch also could facilitate you with a fitness tracker and healthcare. As examples, this device could help to analyze your heartbeats or monitor patients for a chronic condition. In the HealthTech website, they tell that smartwatches give helps to collect heart health data. Some hospitals even launched the system program to better track their patients especially patients with chronic diseases.

Furthermore, with fancy and elegant design from the Smartwatch, it could support your sense of fashion. There are more smartwatches out there that have a stylish design suit with your style and it could make you look more fashionable.

There is a lot of type and design for the smartwatch that will give you benefits depending on your needs. Photo taken

In the end, the smartwatch is not about telling time alone. It does help its users as fitness track, or maybe as health monitoring, or for daily life used as it could give quick access to your smartphone.

However, you still have to keep in mind the benefits of it as well as the disadvantages of relying on smart devices too much. Finally, you can choose which smartwatch that suit you in the market and just give it a try using this device. See it yourself the benefits that you might get this smart device, Smartwatch.

Her (2013): when people rely too much on the Internet

Have you ever watched a movie titled Her (2013)? Do you know what happens with people and the computer equipped with the Internet in the movie? Through this movie, we could see how the Internet of Things could influence people life when people rely too much on the program of the Internet.

Her is an American science-fiction romantic drama film which published in 2013. This movie has written, directed, and produced by Spike Jonze. This film was based on speculative science that researched carefully for depicting the reality of the world in the future. The film is not only about the romantic drama between two entities. It is about the value that the writer wants to deliver about the possibility of the internet in the future. This is about how people are too absorb within the internet and they rely too much on it.

Her (2013) synopsis

Her 2013- when people rely too much on the Internet
When the main character of the movie feels alone, he relies too much upon the voice command technology called OS1 which is part of the Internet of Things. Photo taken from KINCIR

The story is around a lonely man named Theodore Twombly who is a professional love letter writer in the modern era in future. So desperate with her divorced with his wife, Theodore buys an Operation System (OS). This OS is equipped with voice command and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for easily adjusting and developing on its own.

Theodore chooses a female voice for the OS to fulfil his emptiness because of his divorce. The OS introduces her self as Samantha and it tries to adjust with Theodore needs and personalities. Through the film goes on, Theodore has fallen in love with Samantha. He does everything that usually most couples do in real life with Samantha.

Theodore ex-wife even thinks that he is crazy for falling in love with a computer. Even so, Theodore doesn’t care and still continues his relationship with Samantha. He also finds out that his friend Amy who divorces with her husband is dating with her OS.

Unfortunately, without any notification, Samantha disappears because the program needs to be upgraded. In this part, Theodore realizes that everyone starts to talk with their OS. When Samantha comes back again in the program, Theodore asks her about her love for him and the answer is Samantha indeed loves Theodore just like she loves her other users.

Of course, in the end, Theodore only finds himself upset because of Samantha before he knows that there a woman truly falls for him. Finally, the ends up when Theodore and Amy are finally together.

Related to the Internet

Thus, we could assume it would not be that far in the future when the internet would be we really easy to use as well as the smart device which supported the internet. From the story in the film, we could see how the human relationship is falling apart because people rely too much upon the internet even it is for simple conversation between human.

It certainly shows how the internet facilitates people life, but on the hand, it could keep people apart with others. At the end of the story, it as well depicts carefully how precious the relationship between human emotionally.

So, which part you want to choose from using this internet? Do you want to become the people that rely too much on the internet and forget the precious relationship between others, or otherwise?

Jet Pack “Iron Man” actually Flies in Real Life

Have you watched Iron Man? The technology in Iron Man’s movie series is indeed interesting. Who would think that that the imagination of that technology would exist in real life? Welcome Jet Pack “Iron Man” in Real Life!

Iron Man is a superhero made by Tony Stark and he himself is portrayed as a wealthy and intelligent man in the movie. His imagination, wealth, and intelligence create his superhero suits complete with its jet pack. Who would think that that imagination technology would complete near in the future? However, both Adam Savage and Richard Browning is able to make this technology become true. They become the true Iron Man in real-life.

What you need to know about the creators of Jet Pack “Iron Man”

Welcome Jet Pack “Iron Man” in Real Life! Photo taken from Brilio.Net

At first in 2017, Richard Browning introduced this Jet Pack to the public and he showed how his Jet Pack flies over the beach. Richard is a British inventor, entrepreneur and speaker who also the founder Gravity Industries Ltd, the company behind the creation of this Jet Pack called Daedalus. He spent three years to make this Jet Pack because he obsessed with the big Hollywood-style project like Iron Man’s Movie series.

Then he met Adam Savage, together with his team that used 3D panting technique create jet pack suit resembling Iron Man Suit. Adam Savage is an American special effect designer and fabricator. A man who is well known in the television industry as the actor, television personality, and producer. He also is a former co-host of the Discovery Channel television series MythBusters and Unchained Reaction.

The two great people have met, Richard Browning and Adam Savage, and together they bring back to life the Jet Pack “Iron Man” from the movies.

Jet Pack “Iron Man”

At first, Richard used the energy of fan and electricity before he developed the jet machine that placed at the back of the body to make the user flies. Recently, collaborating with Adam Savage they develop the Jet Pack Iron Man.

The components of the Jet Pack made from titanium materials. In addition, they told it would have the endurance from the bullet. This jet suit also uses two mini jet engines on each arm alongside a large jet attached at its user back. They created a jet with flight technology that has enough horsepower for flying above the ground. Just like Iron Man, you can control the movement by moving your hands as well.

Recently, this Jet Pack as well created a new world speed record in Guinness World Records for flying in a jet suit at 85.06mph. It beat its previous record for flying at 32.02mph in 2017.

Find out How they create Jet Pack Iron Man in real life. Photo take from YouTube

Good news! Now, you can buy thas Jet Pack “Iron Man” suit for real. You can buy it at Selfridges in London which cost you $445,000. Do you interested to be the real Iron Man?

Top 5 Online Shops in Indonesia during 2019

Do you want to buy clothes for the Christmas party? or buy some gift for your friends and family back home? You could choose from the 5 top online shops in Indonesia below, that most of the Indonesian visits buying things for their beloved ones.

According to ipriceinsights and ASEANUP below are the most popular and visited online shops in Indonesia. Nonetheless, there are only the top 5 online shops in Indonesia from so many online shops in the survey.

Before we go further, it is better to know what online shop is about. So, online shops or they would call it, e-commerce (electronic commerce) sites are the place where the activities of buying and selling products on online services or through the internet.

Hence, E-commerce or online shops could simplify the activities of shopping. You could choose from online shops below that suite you better.


Top 5 Online Shops in Indonesia during 2019
Online shops in Indonesia. Photo taken from

The largest and the most popular online shop that most people visit is Tokopedia. Indeed, it shows from its Monthly Traffic Estimate is around 148,500,000. It might be the result for Tokopedia to allowing individuals and business to freely open and easily manages their own stores on the platform. Tokopedia also received a lot of funds from their sponsor, from Japan’s Softbank to Sequoia Capital, The famous American tech venture capital firm.


Meanwhile, Shopee claims to be the first online shop using a mobile marketplace app with the concept of Consumer-to-consumer (C2C). Shopee is the first online shops that provide Live Chat feature which distinguishes them from any other online shops. Later, other online shops followed their steps for this feature to enrich their own platform.


Bukalapak is another top online shop in Indonesia which provide brand as well as individual to buy and sell their product online. This online shops originally made by Indonesian and they apply the concept of Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C). Furthermore, the thing you have to remember from Bukalapak is they provide extra financial guarantees for their customers.


Lazada is an online department store and a marketplace which provides a lot of product from electronic devices, book, kid toys, medical devices, beauty product, and many more. However, Lazada Indonesia is also a branch from Internationa Lazada Group in Southeast Asia, which is a subsidiary of internet network company of Rocker Internet. Rocket Internet is an Internet company which incubate and invests in internet and technology companies globally.


Blibli is like an online shop which resembles the mall in real life. Therefore, they provide a lot of products from gadget to computer, all kinds of fashion, from health to beauty products, stuffs for mother and children, products for home and its decoration, and even for automotive things. It also provides tickets and could give special promotion and vouchers for their users.

Top 5 Online Shops in Indonesia during 2019
Buy things in online shop using the e-wallet. Photo taken from Actualitate

You could also pay things in online shops through e-wallet that they provide to make your payment easier. Thus, that is the top 5 online shops in Indonesia! Do you already choose which site to buy things that you want?

Popular E-Wallet apps in Indonesia

In 2019, the cashless payment becomes popular in Indonesia. Then, which e-wallet apps that you want to chose for your cashless payment? Below are popular e-wallet apps in Indonesia that can be your choices.

According to, their announced the list for Biggest E-Wallet Apps in Indonesia according to Monthly Active Users. Photo taken from

As the result of the Internet of Things around us, it increased for people using the smartphone in Indonesia. Following those changes, the service for cashless payment using the mobile phone are increasing as well. Nowadays, using e-wallet apps for cashless payment become more popular in the society. However, too much e-wallet apps out there ends up making people confused which e-wallet to use.

Below are popular e-wallet apps in Indonesia that could become your choices for cashless payment:


Go-Pay is not categorized as a finance app but Go-Pay contributed to 30% for the total transaction of e-money in Indonesia. At first, Go-pay only an e-wallet for all the payment of Go-Jek apps, from Go-Ride, Go-Car and Go-Food which is the biggest food delivery in Southeast Asia. In addition, according to DailySocial, Go-Pay would officially become one of the payment methods in Google Play.

So, it’s not a surprise anymore if Go-pay becomes the most popular e-wallet apps in Indonesia. That’s why you can choose Go-Pay for your e-wallet apps considering its facility in Go-Jek and Google Play.


Ovo placed as the second of the popular e-wallet apps in Indonesia according to the number of download app in the list. You could use OVO as the offline payment in Matahari Department Store and Lippo Mall. Ovo also has collaborated with Grab Indonesia, Tokopedia and Lion Air Group as well.

The collaboration that has been done by OVO makes OVO becomes popular as a method for cashless payment. This could regain her popularity again after dropped its popularity several times before in 2019.


Dana is a newcomer as the e-wallet apps in Indonesia, but it could secure itself as the top three for the most popular e-wallet apps in Indonesia. It is an e-wallet app as the result of Ant Financial and Emtek Group partnership. Additionally, Dana is an official e-wallet for Bukalapak as its e-commerce transaction through BukaDompet.


LinkAja is an e-wallet for the state-owned enterprises in Indonesia. It is the result of the collaboration of T-Cash from Telkomsel, Mandiri e-cash from Bank Mandiri, UnikQu from BNI, T-money from Telkom and T-Bank from BRI. Recently, LinkAja has collaborated with Go-Pay.


Jenius is the product of BTPN which stand for National Pensioners Savings Bank (Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional). This e-wallet app becomes one of the popular e-wallet apps in Indonesia because Jenius gives a lot of advantages to its user. As examples, Jenius won’t take any fee for cash withdrawal, free administration fee, free open and closed account, free transfer fee, and free for creating Jenius’ card.

The display of Jenius as e-wallet apps on your phone. Photo taken from

From the popular e-wallet apps in Indonesia that have mentioned above, which one that you can use for your cashless payment method? or maybe you already used those apps above, so, which one is the from your experience for cashless payment?

Get to know what is the Internet of Things (IoT) for your daily life

The Internet of Things is what that makes your life easier! Your phone exactly is one of the many results of the Internet of Things. So, what exactly the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about? Let’s know further about it!

Maybe some of you are already familiar with these words, the Internet of Things or some others may not know about it? but really, we are living with the Internet of Things closer than we know.

Let’s see everything becomes much easier nowadays. You don’t have to go to the supermarket to buy things if you could shop online; you are now could bring less and less cash and pay things online instead; wi-fi is all around the places wherever you go. That alone could give you at least a picture about IoT.

Then, what is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of things is about the concept of the system that could transfer data through the network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. This system itself basically is about connecting everything in the world, not only people but also things around us, from people-to-people, people-to-things, and things-to-things.

To put it simply, according to McClelland in his website,

the Internet of Things means taking all the things in the world and connecting them to the internet

He also tells there are three categories from things that are being connected to the internet. First, things that could collect information and send it. Second, things that could receive information and act according to the received information. Third, things could do both of the commands before.

Moreover, the word “things” in the Internet of Things is about the subject that has equipped with IoT devices. Takes examples for a house with an anti-theft sensor, people with e-wallet for payment online, wireless speaker that you used at home or even Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for the patient to remotely controlled from home.

IoT for our lives

The example of the Inther if things for Medical Care. Photo taken from InnovHealth twitter

Nowadays, people already rely on the Internet of Things for daily life. Just say that the way you use your phone is part of it. Even the way you reach this website is part of the Internet of Things too. The way IoT influences our lives is how our lives become much easier.

You can touch and swipe your phone to get more convenient transportation. E-wallet and barcode to pay things are also popular nowadays. You can even make your own fitness schedule with your coach online. See? All of those is thanks to the concept of the Internet of Things.

There are many predictions out there about how IoT could influence societies in the world. They even said that there will be over 10 billion connected devices in 2020. Who knows? More importantly, IoT could help human life and indeed brings a lot of benefits for our daily life. The using of IoT could lead to smart people with smart devices and this can lead to a smart society as well.

However, IoT also could push people to do things that could give harm to others. So, in the end, everything is all up to you to use it wisely and smart. At the end of the day, all choices are in your hand.

Banning Huawei could cut off our nose to spite our face. Good 5G matters

Christopher Findlay, Australian National University

Productivity growth matters. In advanced economies over the past 15 years it has fallen by half.

Which is why it doesn’t make much sense to risk damaging one of the most important potential sources for future growth in productivity: the rollout of 5G.

5G is the next generation of wireless technology. Download speeds will be many times faster than what is possible under 4G.

And it’s not just speed. It’ll cut latency, which is the time it takes for signals to start travelling – something that will be critically important for the Internet of Things.

Forbes magazine

Nurtured well, 5G has the potential to become a “general-purpose technology”, analogous to electricity.

It holds open he possibility of creating new markets for goods and services that we can’t yet imagine.

The best suppliers of the gear required for 5G are in China, most notably Huawei, which has made the heaviest investments in the relevant technology but the problem is that Huawei caught up in security concerns.

Read more: What is a mobile network, anyway? This is 5G, boiled down

It has been banned from work on Australia’s national broadband network and from helping build Australia’s 5G networks.

In the US the president issued an executive order last May prohibiting transactions with providers subject to direction by foreign adversaries.

Britain has the matter under consideration, although there are signs it might allow Huawei in to some parts of the network.

Huawei is setting standards

Industry experts rank Huawei highly.

Hauwei’s Zhao Ming with new 5G phones in Beijing, Tuesday. Ma Peiyao/Imaginechina/AP

Its competitors are China’s ZTE, the Swedish multinational Ericsson, Korea’s Samsung and Finland’s Nokia.

There are none yet from the United States, although reports say Apple will release 5G phones next year.

But the main issues are in the 5G infrastructure where Huawei holds more of the critical patents than others. Globally, it appears to be winning the most contracts.

There is a risk that the rejection of Huawei by some will end up, in the longer term, dividing the world into zones committed to different standards, limiting interconnection.

Standard-setting bodies have expressed concern.

Different standards could constrain the development of global supply chains, pushing up prices. They could impede the scale of application and diffusion of new technologies, limiting what 5G is capable of achieving.

One estimate suggests that banning Huawei could push up costs 30%.

Huawei poses risks…

In announcing what amounted to bans on Huawei (and also China’s ZTE), the Australian government said 5G required a change in the way the networks operate compared to previous mobile technologies.

These changes will increase the potential for threats to our telecommunications networks, and these threats will increase over time as more services come online.

The government had found “no combination of technical security controls that sufficiently mitigate the risks”.

Vendors likely to be subject to extrajudicial directions from foreign governments risked failure to adequately protect 5G networks from unauthorised access or interference.

Huawei said those security concerns could be managed, as do British cyber-security chiefs.

…which can be mitigated

Europe has noted the risks and is developing a risk mitigation strategy.

Southeast Asian economies are considering degrees of engagement with Huawei.

Worth continuing attention by Australia is what former US defence secretary Robert Gates calls the “small yard, high fence” approach.

It means defining exactly where the risks lie and intervening directly to manage them, something Europe is working on.

The US appeared to be struggling after Trump’s May order. The Commerce Department was given 150 days to come up with regulations to implement it. It released a draft only last week.

Read more: US ban on Huawei likely following Trump cybersecurity crackdown – and Australia is on board

There were reports of tension in the US between those who would take the risk-based approach and others who would simply keep Huawei on the banned provider list.

Commerce has, finally, proposed a case by case approach, and has not named any particular provider. But the Federal Communications Commission has banned Huawei from access to its universal services subsidies.

International cooperation could give us room to solve the problem. It could include cooperation with China. China and Australia share concerns about cybersecurity and could together in the same way as we do over other standards to facilitate trade.

Attempting to completely eliminate risk could lumber us with big costs. Some would be financial, others might come from stunting the next technological revolution.

Christopher Findlay, Honorary Professor of Economics, Australian National University

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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