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Web Resources are our main topic.

Talking about Web Resources we should care about internet development itself, more and more people are familiar with web sites. A website is what you visit every day on the internet. A website is like an e-book that is made up of books that you can open and read. Not limited to specific books, there you can also find stories, various entertainment content and so on.

If we consider the existence of a city, in that city there are many houses. Same with the website. A website is like a collection of houses in a city. Whereas the city itself is what we call the internet. You can read it just by clicking the link above.

What is IoT

IoT – The world of technological developments is increasing rapidly from time to time. In the past, perhaps we could only imagine or watch science fiction films about advanced technology.

Now, various equipment / machines are equipped with sophisticated technology that can facilitate our daily work. From smart cars that can go on their own to various destinations without a human driver, to smart machines like the Alexa that can sound reminding you to do this and that on schedule.

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